Attention gamers! Sony is already working on the PlayStation 5 and we have managed to gather some information on it. The latest buzz is that you would be able to lay your hands on the gaming console by 2019. Some websites also claim that the release of the console may be extended to 2020. However, keeping our fingers crossed, let us begin on a positive note and expect the PlayStation in 2019. We are going to discuss the PlayStation 5 release date, price, rumours, specs, and features.

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Release Date of PlayStation 5

The original PlayStation was launched in 1995, the PlayStation 2 followed in 2000, PS3 was released six years later in 2006. The gamers then waited 7 long years for the next gaming console PS4 which was launched in 2013. Considering the frequency of release of the previous PlayStations, we should expect the gaming console to hit the markets in 2019 or 2020. There are some who also say that the release may happen in 2018 and if it does it may be launched in the E3 games convention in Los Angeles in June this year. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Sony.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Sony PlayStation 5 Price

After its release in February 2013, the sale of PS4 picked up in the Holiday Season. One of the main reasons was that the price had dropped – as new versions came out, the value of the PS4 also declined. PlayStation 4 continues to be one of the best sellers of Sony till now and it is likely that the PlayStation 5 will be priced fairly. Besides Sony also has competition from other manufacturers especially Xbox. Rumoured and expected price of the PlayStation 5 is between $450 and $500. There are definitely going to be more variants of the PS5 that will differ in storage capacity. Based on this, the PlayStation 5 price may vary from the expected range.

Sony PlayStation 5 Specs and Features

PlayStation 5 Will have a Hologram Projection Instead of a Flat Screen

PS5 will not use 2D or 3D interface. Instead, things will be projected on as models outside the box. You will have holographic images right in front of you and the PlayStation 5 will let you command and interact with these projections. How cool is that!

The Controller of the PlayStation 5 will Resemble the PlayStation 4 Controller

The Sony PS4 itself was a breakthrough in the business of gaming consoles and this is one of the reasons why the Sony PS4 Pro wasn’t as successful – there didn’t seem to be any place for improvement after the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 5 is going to have a DS5 controller– yes Dual Shock 5. There is going to be a lot of improvising and whatever was missed in PlayStation 4 will be present in the DS5 controller. Sony is determined to give you an exceptional controller which is rumored to have wireless charging, no analog sticks, smart device integration, a mic and a speaker.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

The Graphics of PlayStation 5 will have 4K Ultra High Definition

4K UHD technology is the latest technology and is going to be dominant in the market for the next 5 years at least. With a resolution this high, expect the game to be super clear.

Space of Hard Drive Expected to be More than 500 Gigabytes and the Version Will See a Lot of Improvement

The PlayStation 5 hard drive will have the technology to prevent any streaming problems. Sony will also work on the loss of sensor controls when the radar loses the support system access. Also, expect the hard drive of the PS5 to have a storage capacity of 500 gigabytes.

A Unified Operating System – Sony PlayStation 5 OS

One of the reasons for the delay in the release of PlayStation 5 is that Sony is working on the creation of a universal portal for their devices. They have been working on it for some time now and probably PS5 will come unified with an OS. Access to things will be made easy and everything will be in a single place like cloud storage. Gamers will be able to connect their tabs, laptops, and smartphones to their PlayStation. You will be able to play your mobile games with the help of PlayStation 5.

Privacy and Security Will Be Bettered in PlayStation 5

Although the security and privacy of Sony devices is good, they are trying to improve things for PlayStation 5. They may include a biometric to access the console to begin your gameplay. There could be virtual software to determine the owner of the PlayStation. Expect the PS5 to be better in terms of security.

PlayStation 5 GPU, CPU, RAM, memory etc. will Surpass all Gaming Consoles

The internal memory that Sony will offer in its PlayStation 5 will double the memory that the earlier gaming consoles have offered. Anticipating a memory of 16 GB, the RAM of the PS5 will have 3D X point memory and 3D Stacked Technology. Both the technologies are in their developing stage but when they are released in PlayStation 5, expect an overwhelming development in them.

Share Games and Other Online Gaming Options

The PlayStation 5 is definitely going to be the gaming console of the future and expect it to be the best in online gaming. The main reason for this is social media platforms. People now believe in sharing, probably they want to be more connected to friends and enjoy their gameplay from the comforts of their home while being connected to their friends across the world.

Television Display and VR Gears Will Feature Together in the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Options available in the PlayStation 5 are going to be unlimited and it is going to feature a headgear with a vision so remarkable that it will look lifelike. You will also have the option to switch to television mode if you wish to enjoy the game with your family and friends. The technology that Sony will be using in PS5 is Quantum Dot.

You will Have a Gaming Environment Instead of a Gaming Console

The feel when you play on the PlayStation 5 is going to be very different compared to the older PlayStations. The feel will be like you actually being inside the game and not just being able to control of something which is in front. The whole room that you will be playing in, will be converted into the environment of the game with the help of sensors and graphics projections. Expect the PS5 to need to power compared to the PS4 or the earlier versions.The PlayStation 5 is expected to have at least 4 AAA games.

Since we still have some more time until the release, we are going to keep updating you with more news on the PS5.

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