PlayStation 5 Is In The Works – What We Know So Far

PlayStation 5 Is In The Works – What We Know So Far

It looks like Sony is already trying hard at work looking to come up with new-gen technologies that can help improve a lot of departments. Sony is said to have started to work with AMD’s Ryzen CPU tech to make their Zen microarchitecture support better. Some have begun to speculate that this may also be related to the work that Sony must have started behind the scenes for the PS5. Why are we saying this? Well, we have a list of reasons that we believe can support our argument and we will be giving you a more in-depth analysis of them in the following paragraphs.

Source of the information

Phoronix, A Linux tech website, and Digital Foundry have both reported that the principal programmer at Sony Computer Entertainment has already starting to spend more time working on the “znver1” tech. This tech is AMD’s first-gen Zen CPU support what is found within LLVM. Digital Foundry has stated that this information is also backed up by Evolution Studios’ Drive Club and the Game credits in Media Molecule’s Tearaway.

This only leads us to ask the most logical question that we can think of. Why would Sony invest this amount of time on a new piece of tech that is not currently part of any of their consoles? The most straightforward answer would be the fact that their work shows that they are planning on introducing this piece of tech onto their new next-gen console. This means that we can expect to see Ryzen on one of Sony’s latest consoles. This would be the most natural choice to predict since both Sony and Microsoft are going towards a new direction and a new era of gaming consoles.

PS5 rumors

Just last month we got word that PS5 will feature an 8-core Zen CPU and a Navi CPU. If the previous news is to be taken as the truth, then we can certainly expect Sony to introduce AMD systems for PS5 just like PlayStation 4 already has an AMD Jaguar eight-core CPU and AMD Radeon GPU.

Future of PS4

John Kendra, the PlayStation boss, has announced that PlayStation 4 only has three years of life left before the new console will be released. This means that the team working on PlayStation 5 will have three years to perfect the next gaming device. What we have heard so far about the PlayStation 5 is just what has managed to be leaked. We are starting to wonder if Sony is already working and coming up with new pieces of tech that we did not get wind of since the work on them is being done behind the scenes. We think that the information about them is safely kept as a secret.

If PS4 only has three years left then that means that by 2021 we will have PS5. On the bright side, the company has stated that they will still be coming up with games for this console so at least there’s that.

When will PS5 come out

E3 2018 would have been the perfect occasion for Sony to offer some announcements about PS5 but they have stated that they will not do not have any hardware related announcements this year. Even if Sony may be planning to keep things under lock and key for as long as possible, we are confident that at one point there will be some leaks which will offer us more details.

In the past, some people have been arguing about the release date of the PS5. Some have said that that date would in 2018. Others, such as NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, are saying that PS5 may be coming out sooner than 2021, in 2020 to be exact. Why? Piscatella is sure that the data available at the moment suggests that there is no need for an extra year of work. However, he is aware that his forecast may be wrong and that Sony may amaze us. He also stated that with the news about PS5 coming out in 2021 spreading around, the sales for PS4 would start to slow down. Currently, the sales for PS4 have exceeded 75 million dollars.

Work on PS Vita?

Kondra has also said that his company is starting to consider some different options for PS Vita. Since last time we heard about portable gaming we found out that it is not a profitable market, this news comes as a surprise. It is a much-unexpected turnaround from what we were expecting to hear. This may be due to the success of Nintendo Switch which may be pushing the company to work harder and come up with a portable gaming console of their own with features that fans will love. And that kind of work takes time to perfect.

We will be waiting to hear more about the developments being done on both PS5 and PS Vita shortly.



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