PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One vs. Nintendo Switch – Most Used Devices

The world of gaming is a complex one that has long surpassed the denomination of ‘hobby’ or ‘entertainment’. Although most regular people still partake in gaming as past-time or something to do on the weekends with friends and family, there are people out there that took it to a whole other level. Gaming is now a legitimate job, and we’re not talking about grossly underpaid game testers in big companies, but people who actually play games for an audience and make money off of it.

It’s safe to say that we have entered into a new and revolutionary era of gaming which innovated both games and the practice itself and gave way more legitimacy to this activity. If gaming was seen before as something that only ‘losers’, ‘nerds’ or ‘stoners’ did in their spare time, now things are different. And while PC gaming is still going strong, console gaming is where it’s at nowadays.

Today we will have a look at the world’s three most famous and used consoles of 2017: the PlayStation 4 by Sony, the Xbox One by Microsoft and the Nintendo Switch by, well, Nintendo. Which company sold the most units of their staple consoles this year? Let’s find out. Also, keep in mind that we’re only considering sales from the first half of the year, so until June 30, because this is what makes most sense to us for this type of article.

PlayStation 4

2017 Sales until June 30: 6.2 million units

Estimated Total Sales for 2017: 17 million units

As you can see, PlayStation 4 hasn’t reached half of its estimated sales by the first half of the year, which is more than unfortunate. But why did this happen? Well, because sales slumped abruptly in the past quarter. Even though they only dropped by 200,000 units compared to last year’s same quarter, things will most likely stay the same or worsen in the following months because Sony simply doesn’t release enough exciting games for the PS4 anymore.

Xbox One

2017 Sales until June 30: 4 million units

Estimated Total Sales for 2017: 10 million units

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a fairly popular console, but it does share most of its fame with its older sibling, the Xbox 360. And now the Xbox One X is also coming, so it’s fair that the company has estimated sales for 2017 at only 10 million units, and they’ve already sold 4 million. This is only an estimate made by analysts though, because Microsoft simply stopped reporting on Xbox One sales. This is alarming, but maybe they’re just focusing more on the Xbox One X. anyway, the Xbox One doesn’t have a lot of big exclusives in 2017 either, and the games on it are getting less and less exciting. So this turn of events is natural.

Nintendo Switch

2017 Sales until June 30:  4.7 million units

Estimated Total Sales for 2017: 15 million units

The Nintendo Switch is the most sought after console of 2017, so how can its sales numbers be so low as of June 30? Well, the main problem is that it simply flies of shelves once it’s restocked, and Nintendo are always taking their sweet time to bring it back each time. If they’d just restock stores faster, or just provide them with bigger numbers each time, the Switch might have even reached its estimate in the first half of 2017 alone. The Nintendo Switch is clearly the most popular console of 2017 and it has the biggest sales potential, too bad that the company is going about this the wrong way.

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