Players are getting huge payouts exploiting this GTA Diamond Casino glitch!

Players are getting huge payouts exploiting this GTA Diamond Casino glitch!

Ever since GTA V’s latest DLC update Diamond Casino was released, it keeps making the news. It was recently reported that even after 6 years of its launch, GTA Online raked in the highest number of players ever since its release last month – all because of Diamond Casino. It goes without saying that Diamond Casino is the top hotspot for GTA Online players around the world as of now. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, players can socialize, gamble with real-world money, win free cars, and even buy their own multimillion-dollar penthouses at the Casino. However, recently leaked news suggests one more reason why the hype around Diamond Casino has been so high in the last few days.

Apparently, there is a glitch in GTA Online on PC that players have been exploiting to load their pockets with casino chips by betting on the horse races. The glitch has been removed on Console already, so if you’re looking to make some chips before it goes away from PC too, now’s your chance.

GTA Inside Track

How does glitch change things?

The glitch in Diamond Casino lets Los Santos’ citizens win maximum payouts on the Inside Track horse races by betting as little as a couple of hundred chips. The glitch has been blowing up the Diamond Casino’s Inside Race numbers ever since players found out about it. What makes it even more easy to exploit is that players don’t even have to use any bots or scripts: it can be done easily by anyone who’s using their mouse in a certain way while betting the chips.

GTA Online casino glitch

Is it safe to make money off the glitch?

As of now, no official word has been released from Rockstar games on the matter, so it’s hard to say. It’s uncertain whether Rockstar will go after players who’ve made chips through this glitch or not. It’s to say that at this stage anything is possible – there might probably be no action at all, or players who exploited the glitch could have their accounts banned or they might even lose all the chips they made. Therefore given the odds at stake, we’d advise that it’s not a good idea to risk so much for just some easy fake money. However, if you still want to do it, a quick internet search on how to do it will get you sorted. In my personal opinion, I believe Rockstar games are going to wipe out all the chips users have earned this way like they wiped out The Lost Slamvan cars from the garages of those players who had obtained them illegally.

Pro Tips

Basically, you have to enter the single-race betting event by betting only 200 chips, but your bet continues increasing as the race proceeds, even though you won’t be able to see it happening. So if you lose, you lose 200. But if you win, you get the maximum payout. Also, the #1 horse reportedly has the best chances of winning. If the odds are evens, you’ll make a payout of 20,000 chips for every win.

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