Pixel 4 Rumors: Google’s Mystery Project to Collect Selfies of Faces

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This is quite out of the ordinary. Google is presumably amassing a large database of human faces by accosting people in public and asking them to take a photograph with a device and offering them a $5 incentive. The person has to sign and agree to share the image of his face the way Google wants to use. The question everyone is asking is why is Google doing this and is there a connection to the Google Pixel 4 to be launched this October?

Face Images Required for Training the AI Engine?

Some experts believe Google is going great lengths to do this exercise of obtaining a large cache of facial images of ordinary people on the street with the objective of training its AI bots. The way it is being done is Google’s team just reaches across to people in public places and checks if the person, man or woman, is willing to share their facial data. Those who agree to go ahead are then handed a device and asked to click selfies with it in different angles. Once it is done, the person signs a waiver document absolving Google of any wrongdoing in terms of using the data.

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There is a question going around on what is the device being used to take these photographs. Is it a prototype of the Google Pixel 4 and the company is using the real images clicked to work on the software that will be loaded on the new phones to support the front camera? Does this have anything to do with the Project Soli being talked about?

What is Project Soli?

It has been widely reported these past weeks that the new Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones will sport a broad bezel on top that houses a sensor that can detect had gestures. These gestures can trigger a number of operations on connected devices. The sensor itself is an advanced and sophisticated one. If this information is true and this Project Soli radar chip will figure among the specifications of the Google Pixel 4 and 4 Plus, then how does this facial ID thing tie up?

Many questions but very little by way of answers.

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