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Pixel 4: Google Expected to Enhance Photography Features with P3 Technology

Google Pixel sRGB color

Google Pixel smartphones have already been scoring high on their photography capabilities with images coming out better than devices that sport dual and triple sensor setups. It is now expected that the Google Pixel 4, slated for release this October, may surpass the previous versions and do even better. This is largely thanks to the P3 technology that supports the wide color gamut. Google had made this announcement in the I/O 2019 event that Android would soon receive the P3 support.

Researchers at XDA Developers, known for their interpretation of codes, have found the P3 feature within the Android OS’ camera and photo apps section. For those not very familiar with this end of technology, the wider color gamut technology like P3 allows the camera to capture a higher range of colors in any image and the resultant photo shows the difference when P3 is not present. Android does support P3, but it is limited to the display so far. However, it is now expected that the camera and photo app too will support P3 color gamut in the future. The current technology is known as the sRGB color space, R, G & B stand for Red, Green, and Blue.

Pixel 4 Camera

Apple phones have the P3 support and that is one reason the images captured through the iPhones would appear richer in colors than an Android phone. In reality, if someone were to capture an image through an iPhone and send it to another with an Android phone, the image will not be seen in the same richness. It has to be added that if the basic object captured in the photograph itself has a lot of colors, then the difference between the sRGB format and the P3 format will be very stark.

All that will now become history once Google enables this feature on its upcoming smartphone, the Google Pixel 4. It is also possible the support for P3 will become part of the Android OS and all phones being run on the OS can be enabled with this feature.

As mentioned earlier, Google Pixel phones have been enjoying a great ride with their cameras and with the Google Pixel 4 expected to come with the dual rear camera setup, the company should be able to shake up the smartphone markets in the segments its phones are competing in.

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