Pixel 3a and 3a XL Phones Have the 3.5 mm Headphone Jack that Google Ditched Earlier

Google is a big brand, a company that has the power to change the world just like Facebook and Microsoft, and Apple! If they decide to bring the long lost headphone jack on their new smartphone, it wouldn’t hurt to assume that maybe the 3.5 mm is one of the important features of a smartphone and the upcoming Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones will come with a headphone jack.

The trend has been pretty mixed as Apple removed the jack for no apparent reason and every other company followed suit including Google, with its Pixel devices. However, all entry-level smartphones continued to have it whereas Samsung was courageous enough to retain it on their flagship phones till the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

People have been constantly complaining that companies became too greedy and wouldn’t even allow them to use a simple audio jack but force them to buy their expensive Bluetooth headsets. It may not be the best claim but it has some reason to it because the only way to make calls or listen to audio on these phones can be done through BT headphones or earphones. Apple also introduced the AirPods which are quite expensive for those who are not used to Apple products and it tried to usher in a new era.

pixel 3a XL 3.5mm headphone jack

Google has suddenly changed course as they have now openly adopted old school 3.5 mm audio jack with the latest Google Pixel 3a.  The company says that they were not able to make it waterproof but it hardly matters for most people who are careful with their smartphones. Samsung already retained it and major players like Xiaomi continue to have it on all their smartphones.

Will Apple soon be forced to bring back the headphone jack considering how thick and bulky their iPhone XR is? Besides, they were even forced to considerably bring down the price of the XR and even Google had to come up with a $400 premium mid-range in order to cope up with waning sales.

The voice of people is being heard as they have proved multiple times with their wallets and brought companies like Huawei, Xiaomi to the front while pushing Apple and Google to the back. The only way is to make them happy and convince them to buy new phones, which is what Pixel 3a did and let’s hope other companies follow suit.

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