Pictures of Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and Bluetooth earbuds leaked

Fitbit is a company that is no stranger to smartwatches, having already dipped its fingers into the market with its Blaze last year.

Fitbit’s upcoming device features and issues

The fitness band manufacturer seems to be currently working on a new smartwatch which will be released later this year. Design renders of the future device include a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, of which its photos have just leaked.

A report from Yahoo Finance said that the Fitbit smartwatch, known internally as “Project Higgs”, was supposed to be released before the fall Apple event, but the device ran into some design issues and is now expected to launch later.

The same report also mentions how the device was unable to receive GPS signal due to improper placement of its antenna. This, along with the need to address its waterproof capacity, necessitated a redesign.

Finding a music playback provider

Besides hardware, Fitbit also seems to have run into problems finding a music playback provider for the device. Its current partner is Pandora, while its first choice was Spotify.

Bluetooth earplugs to be launched

Music playback seems to be one of the most important features for Fitbit as the company is also planning to release a pair of Bluetooth earbuds along with the smartwatch. Fitbit’s smartwatch is expected to retail at $300, a price more expensive than the Blaze. It will be interesting to see if the company can convince its customers to buy this smartwatch when there are more devices running Android Wear 2.0 currently flooding the market at much lower prices.

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