Photoshop’s CC 2018 Update Comes with A Bug

Photoshop’s CC 2018 Update Comes with A Bug

Photoshop CC is a service used by a lot of people so the developers are naturally trying their best to prevent errors or bugs from taking over their platform. However, inevitably, sometimes that happens and scenarios like the one we’re going to talk about here occur. It has been reported that a weird bug occurs within Photoshop CC, which hinders the work progress of people trying to get their job done. To be more specific, it’s a bug pertaining to the changing of a setting, and then using a CC feature.

Changing the preferences

It would seem that editing settings in the Preferences section actually causes the program to give out an error that forces users to restart.  Errors based on using features sound kind of weird, but that’s what happens when a users tried using Select and Mask after fiddling with the settings in the Preference section.  This error would state that Photoshop could not go through with the requested action. This would lead to having to restart the program in order to regain full control of its features.

It might be processor related

While it has not yet been confirmed, the problem might be related with the way Photoshop uses the device’s processor resources.  In particular, OpenCL might have a big role to play in why this error is displayed in some cases.

Fixing the issue

Those that encounter this issue could try disabling OpenCL form their Photoshop options and see if that makes the error message go away. In order to do this, users have to navigate to Preferences>Performance> Graphics Processor Settings, and then uncheck the option for OpenCL under Advanced.

Another solution that might rule out the possibility of this error being related to the GPU is to disable the Use Graphics Processor option. After doing this, users are required to restart their program and also start on a fresh new document. This will help determine whether or not the GPU is to blame, by giving the program fresh parameters to work with. While it’s worth a try however, it does not guarantee that the problem will be fixed.

Waiting for more answers


That’s about all that is known about the problem at the moment. If disabling the GPU related settings doesn’t change anything, users can only wait until a more comprehensive fix is issued by Adobe themselves or found out by a user.  It’s hard to say when that would happen exactly, but chances are that a more in depth fix for the issue will be found in the very near future. In the meantime, the error doesn’t seem to stretch out to any other features, which means that users can still work in Photoshop, with the slight note that they might have to work around Select and Mask.



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