PES 2019 Release Date and Confirmed Features

PES 2019 Release Date and Confirmed Features

Fans are more often than not ready to hear all about a game’s new features and most importantly when it is going to be released. This type of dedication is not uncommon. Perhaps the most amazing thing is when fans finally get to hear an announcement coming from the company that is in charge of creating that game. Such is the case with Konami, the studio in charge of working on PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2019, which recently confirmed some features that the game would be having and it also talked about the release date of the game during the same press release.

Today we will be discussing these features, and also we will be giving you more details about the release date.

PES 2019 Legend Edition features

Before we talk more about Konami’s plans and the release date of this game, we would like to present you the contents of the two version of the game. PES 2019 Legend Edition will include 3 Player Contracts x 30 weeks and a Premium Agent (3 Players) x 30 weeks as well. It will include as content the Philippe Coutinho 10 match loan, David Beckham 2018 and the PES Legend Player.

PES 2018 David Beckham Edition

This edition of the game will have the same content as the PES 2019 Legend Edition except for the fact that it will not include the PES Legend Player. It is up to you to choose the version that you like the most.

PES 2019 features

The game is going to come with stunning visuals that will create an immersive world that looks almost real. This will be done with the help of 4K HDR support and the ‘Enlighten’ software which will be available on all the supported platforms.

The abundance of new playing styles that have been introduced will make it so that the game experience is going to be even more immersive and entertaining. This was done with the use of ‘Global Illumination.’ Global Illumination makes it so that the lights and shadows effects are more detailed, bringing life to computer-generated graphics.

The most significant changes done so far are the one to myClub. The new design that has been implemented will completely revolutionize how players will build their squads. Players of PES 2019 will also get to see High-Performance Players being added to the game. This category will also include Legend Players and Players of the Week whose performances will be based on their real-world ones.

Another big thing that we can expect to see is the implementation process of the football tournaments of the International Champions Cup (ICC). Konami is looking to see how the extended partnership between them and ICC will evolve as time passes and we can be sure that we will be seeing some ICC elements appearing in Master League.

Release date

Konami did not shy away from confirming some features that fans believed will be included, but they also talked about the most important thing, namely the release date of the game. It will be released on the 28th of August in the US and fans from Europe will have to wait until the 30th of August to get their hands on the game.

Sadly enough, during their press release, Konami did not mention Nintendo Switch among the consoles that would be getting this game so it looks like Nintendo Switch users will be missing out. On the other hand, the game is going to be available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Perhaps in the future, there will also be a version coming out for Nintendo Switch as well.



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