Perhaps Better Than Tesla: The Fastest Electric Car In The World

Venturi Buckeye Bullet-3 is still a promising electric car, constructed under a partnership between the manufacturer of electric vehicles Venturi and the University of Ohio.

Its developers say it will reach 644 km/h (400mph). Its shape isn’t exactly that of a luxurious car such as those produced by Tesla, but it is as aerodynamic as possible. It has a pair of electric engines, each with 1,500 horsepower and its energy is supplied by eight lithium-ion battery packs.

Each axle is powered by its own electric engine. EV is the same engine that Venturi uses for its sports cars, but here it has a higher voltage. In fact, there are two EV engines, said David Cooke, one of the team leaders, in an interview with Ars Technica. He thinks it’s wiser to build smaller engines and hook them than to make a big one. Currently, the engine has 1,000 horsepower but is capable of 1,500.

Also, Cooke explained that the real challenge is how far you can push the engines without them reaching the temperature limits. The engines have cooling materials over the stator and a system that pumps oil on magnets, so they can remain cold.

The car is made in a large proportion of steel, which Cooke says it’s one of the most powerful alloy available for them. Initially, the plan was to use carbon fiber so the car being built around a battery system in which cells are changed in two minutes.

They dropped the plan because it would be much more difficult to build, given that much of the team is made up of students, not Boeing experts. In addition, this material would add between $ 500,000 and one million dollars to the budget. Cooke admitted that the vehicle is only in the prototype stage and it needs many changes, and the carbon fiber wouldn’t allow many changes.

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