PC Makers Plan Advertising Campaign Of $70 Million

The evolution of the smartphones and other advanced devices has made the sale of PCs so poor that the PC companies are now trying something different, an advertising campaign. The main aim of $70 million marketing campaign is to highlight how much better the PCs have gotten than earlier.

PC makers Lenovo, Dell and Hewlett-Packard are joining the forces with Intel and Microsoft to improve the weaker PC sales with ads that do not promote any specific brand. Their main slogan is “PC does what”?

PC Makers Plan Advertising Campaign Of $70 Million

Source – gadgets.ndtv.com

The advertising campaign will highlight the huge versatility of laptops such as their higher-resolution screens, longer battery life, more powerful chips and slim designs. You can also use some of the laptops as tablets as the keyboards can be detached from the screens. In most of the new PCs, you will get Windows 10 OS which Microsoft claims as their best operating system yet.

The campaign is scheduled to start today (October 19) in China and U.S. on online ads, major networks and TV commercials. The campaign will be running till November, and the $70 million campaign cost will be split up among the participating companies. According to Patrick Moorhead, the main targets are the people who have not bought a PC in last 4 years, and the approximate number of such consumers is 400 million.

The PC sales saw this poor performance since 3 ½ years since the smartphones and tablets are able to handle many tasks that previously needed Laptops and computers.

Moorhead said that consumers, who have been using the same PC for several years, can go for an improved model by paying only $500 to $700.

So what are you thinking? Go for a new PC or use your tablet or smartphone for doing the same task?

Source- The Columbus Dispatch