Patch Tuesday Brings Updates and Fixes to Windows 10, XP and Vista

Up until now, it seems that the June edition of the Patch Tuesday is quite unique. Leaving aside the fact that the tech giant Microsoft is trying to solve an astounding 94 flaws, it comes as a surprise that the company is offering some security updates for some of the operating systems that were not supported anymore, such as Windows Vista and even XP. Moreover, the Security Advisories notes did not include only some select issues, but more of them.

A Pleasant Surprise from Microsoft

As such, this month we see that Microsoft released lots of solutions for high-priority issues. Moreover, the biggest surprise was the fact that they announced the launch of some extra guidance regarding the critical security updates. Currently, they are at a high risk of exploitation since there have been lots of nation-state attacks, as well as disclosures.

Serious Issues with the Environments

Following all these facts, you should be aware of the fact that Microsoft also tried to solve 2 important remote code execution vulnerabilities, namely the CVE-2017-8543 and the CVE-2017-8464. There have been reports that they have been exploited in the wild. Even though Microsoft is no longer using the update bulletins method, we are still going to see some updates for the following product families:

  • Silverlight
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Lots of Update

Microsoft is bringing lots of updates for the products mentioned above. For the Adobe Flash Player update (ADV17007) Microsoft issued solutions for 12 vulnerabilities. They could all lead to some arbitrary code executions for compromised systems. The update will also affect Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Chrome. As such, it is an extremely important update for all the components of a system, so you should definitely install it as soon as possible.

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