Paralives: Everything we know so far

Paralives: Everything we know so far

The game Paralives came into existence a long time back when the artist and professional game developer Alex Masse started giving shape to it in September 2018. However, the revelation came about ten months later in a Twitter post and made the gaming community go absolutely crazy. Due to the massive response that came from the gaming community, Masse started working on the game and made it his full-time profession.

He also promised to include a series of attractive and thrilling aspects to this game, belonging to the genre of life simulation, such as customized lot sizes and flexibility in the customization of furniture. We are yet to get a release date for the game after the announcements. For now, the only confirmation we have received about Paralives is that it will be available for Mac and Windows through Steam.

Full Package

The game of Paralives is slated to incorporate several exciting features and some of them are:

  • Weather
  • Customized houseboats
  • Pools that are curved
  • Staircases that are diagonal
  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Cars
  • Cats
  • Small-sized boats

According to the information we have received, the features mentioned above are yet to be made available in the game.


Video and customization

Check the video below to find how flexible and easy the structure of the building is going to be in the game of Paralives. The players can click on the mouse and drag a room that is not a part of the grid limitations. You will also come across a measuring tool thereby facilitating the players to create a replica of their home and the buildings in the real world. As far as the objects in the game are concerned, you can expect complete customization of each one such as stretching the curtains and windows to make them of different shapes and sizes. It may also include other objects such as the curtain rod along with the other furniture accessories such as the table cloth etc. Apart from this, you can also take advantage of the color wheel and the tool that helps you to choose the patterns of decoration. It gives you unending possibilities of decorating when you decorate the homes in the game Paralives.

What do the players do?

Paralives is an upcoming game based on life simulation and is expected to become the only genuine alternative for The Sims. In this game, the players can build their dream homes, develop characters, and run their daily lives with as little restrictions as possible. So, you may come across houses of various shapes, the positioning of the stairs leading to different directions, and as we have already discussed, the use of versatile colors for tablecloths and the curtains. No matter where you are; whether riding a horse, or a car or bike, you are free to explore an open world consisting of friends, enemies, and families.

Just like the way you build houses, the relationships you form in the town are a result of your actions. There is no doubt that a lot of people from the Sims community are eyeing the game of Paralives, which is yet to hit the stores. It appears that because of the inclusion of several special features in the base game, the gaming community is taking a massive and unanimous interest in Paralives.  At this rate, this game may well turn out to be the primary competitor for the Sims.

Mode of simulation

While trying to know more about the game Paralives, you will discover the fun of being in the open world, which implies that loading the screens will no longer impede your actions when you are free to explore the world.  So, when the folks in this town come out of their homes, you can watch them riding on the horseback, walking, or driving a car, and who knows what might come in the way, something that you have not been expecting so far.

Although no announcements have come yet regarding the simulation mode, from the AMA of August and an interview with the developer, we can expect that the game will create sparks of motivation and liveliness. Furthermore, it can also reveal how close the game is to live simulation and how the game of Paralives includes a good deal of simulated people leading parallel lives.

Paralives Game

Creation of complex characters

We have already had the opportunity to view the complex gameplay of building in Paralives, but a lot of sophistication is up there as far as animation or character creation is concerned. Although the primary focus of the developer right now is on building the game, he is quite keen to offer a lot more when it comes to the characters of Paralives and quite naturally, his shift of focus on the procedure of animation is justified.

New concept

Masse has come forward with the unique perception of “chance cards” as far as the areas of Patreon and Discord is concerned. As it appears, the idea of this concept is to keep the gamers intensely involved with the game. Precisely speaking, we have already witnessed this concept in The Sims 4.

Masse, the developer of the game loves to get inspiration from people and share their ideas as per the content type they would prefer viewing in the final version of the game. The number of responses coming in for over a month from the time Paralives started their marketing campaign has already led to the creation of a hundred-page document and that is humongous!

What is the expectation?

As far as the future of this game is concerned, Masse supports the idea of viewing the game itself and its free updates instead of spending money for DLC. We can also expect modding as part of the future of this game even though things are not worked out well at present. The man behind the game is already allowing the ideas of the gamers to run wild, so a lot remains to be seen after the launch of this game.



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