Over 20 million Taobao’s Account Are Hacked

Recently, more than 20 million active Tabao’s online shopping accounts have been hacked. Taobao is one of the sites that belongs to Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant. This report is got from the Ministry of Security’s website. They have just arrested the hackers who tried to hack 20.59 million accounts on that site, according to Reuters. It happened last October when the hackers tried to combine usernames and passwords that they got from some websites. From 99 million databases, 20.59 million matched  Tabao accounts.

According to Marbridge Consulting, a Beijing-based technology and market intelligence group, those accounts are used to fake orders in Taobao to increase the sales rating in Taobao’s system. Moreover, they also sell those accounts to the Internet scammers. In November 2015, their act was revealed and the Alibaba reported them to the police. Alibaba refuses to comment further and said that they have a strong system.

“Alibaba’s system was never breached,” they claimed

This incident happened because of a business competition or dissatisfaction.  Do you have Taobao account?


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