Oppo’s Poseidon Could be the first 5G Phone; Suggest its Geekbench Appearance

Oppo’s new model with the moniker Poseidon_11_A.01 has appeared today on the Geekbench benchmarking site and from all indications, this device could be Oppo’s first 5G offering and take on the likes of Samsung out there in the market. The processor on this Oppo Poseidon is none other than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which has been officially announced for the 5G service that some countries are expected to have soon.

Scores High on Benchmarking

The scores recorded on the Geekbench site for this phone are 3810 for single core and 10963 for multicore. These are fabulous scores and no doubt the powerful processor is showing its capabilities. Unfortunately, there is no information on the RAM on this device. It is being predicted that the 5G phone that Samsung plans to release will sport a 12 GB RAM. The fact remains that the 5G technology envisages a very high rate of data speed and the devices need to have the kind of RAM to support the processor in handling such high-speed traffic or data. Oppo may release the details in due course. The operating system is the Android Pie.

Oppo Poseidon Geekbench

About the Snapdragon 855 Processor

The new chipset for mobile phones developed by Qualcomm has a unique build. The architecture has the 7nm platform and Qualcomm says on its site, the processor in the hexagonal shape is specially constructed to handle the AI-based technology that the smartphone makers include in their devices. In addition, there is the ISP with computer vision that supports the most modern methods in clicking and editing photographs.

On the name the 5G model from Oppo may be marketed in, some say the company may stick with the Find series it had launched earlier and call this new phone the Oppo Find X2. But there is no official confirmation on any of these. There have been no leaked images or renders of the phone so far. It is therefore virtually impossible to guess more details.

The upcoming MWC 2019 might be seen as the appropriate event for Oppo to come out with the full announcement of the new 5G phone and fill in the blanks. Buyers may then heave a sigh of relief.

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