Oppo A9x Hardware Specs and Design Leaked in High-Resolution Press Renders

Oppo has been steadily growing into a big-time brand and with Xiaomi leaving the budget market to become more premium, Oppo is probably doing the same with their A9x model. A bunch of high-resolution press renders of the new model got leaked online which gives us a clear idea of the premium build quality, the finish and some of the hardware specifications of this upcoming smartphone.

While it is not a flagship-grade phone, the company is clearly focused on improving the overall quality of the products that they deliver. Recently, they launched A9 in China and the A9x is obviously an upgraded version of the same smartphone. It is all set to be released in China first, and might probably make its way to other markets with a different name. Even before the company could officially make the announcement, the phone’s press photos went online on their official website which gave us an early peep into what to expect. The phone will be available for purchase from May 20 onwards.

OPPO A9x China

Featuring a clean black finish with gold cutouts for the camera, the Oppo A9x looks as premium as it could get. Going by the premium finish, it is evident that the company is keen on providing more value for money and acquire a fair share of the market. A similar strategy was adopted by Xiaomi which is now on the top of the lineup and it is to be noted that both Xiaomi and Oppo, as well as certain other specific smartphone brands, are owned by the same parent company.

In terms of specifications, the 48-megapixel dual rear camera is expected to be the USP of the product. While we still do not have actual photographs taken using the phone to compare with, it can be matched with what the A9 delivers. By simple logic, one can expect it to be even better than what the current model offers. The color choices will be limited as the phone will be available in only in Ice Jade White and Meteorite Black.

Based on our deductions, the hardware components used in the Oppo A9x include a 6.53-inch display with a water drop front camera. The phone is powered by MediaTek 12nm Helio P70 octa-core processor clocked at 2.1 GHz. The device also sports an exceptionally large battery that is 4,020mAh in size and it should comfortably last an entire day’s usage. It supports 3.0 20w charging and will run on ColorOS 6 with Android Pie in the background. Apart from the large camera and choice of colors, it seems both Oppo A9 and A9X are quite similar in design and hardware specifications.

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