OpenAI Defeated the Best Dota 2 Players

During the famous Dota 2 tournament a bot from Elon Musk defeated two of the best Dota players in the world. According to engineers, the bot learned to play and defeat gamers in only two weeks. They also said that in that span time, the bot learned enough for a lifetime and it became the first artificial intelligence to beat the Dota pros.

How it happened

The competition happened during Valve’s yearly tournament and it only used some variables of gameplay. Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin was one of the gamers who got defeated by the artificial intelligence in a one on one match. Even the maneuvers used by the bot seemed human enough. Dendi forfeited future matches with the bot after being defeated twice by it.

Dota 2

It is a famous multiplayer online video game published by the Valve Corporation which is centered on arena battles. There are 113 heroes to choose from, each one with its uniqueness, specific moves, abilities and weapons. This means that the game is extremely complex for humans.

AI and Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a famous business man, the founder of SpaceX and cofounder of Series A. He declared that he founded OpenAI because he wanted to send a message: artificial intelligence (AI) poses a threat to humans. Other famous CEOs have not been so impressed by Musk’s belief (Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook). So far, OpenAI team is planning on extending the bot’s capabilities on DOta 2 so that it could compete in a five versus five matches during Valve’s 2018 tournament.

Valve Corporation

The American videogame developer is famous not only for Dota 2, but also for other games such as Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and the Steam software distribution platform.

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