OnePlus Phones to get Android 10 Upgrade alongside Google Pixel Phones

OnePlus Phones to get Android 10 Upgrade alongside Google Pixel Phones

It’s that time of the year again – Google’s rolling out the new android update soon! Every year, Google releases an updated version of Android, the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, and smartphone brands, users, tech enthusiasts and almost everyone else goes into a crazy frenzy over it. It has always been a race amongst brands and users who use them – as to which one gets the android update first?

Well, while the Google android update does eventually come in a brief span to almost all the devices that were launched shortly before its release, it’s always exciting to see some of the big names get it the on nearly the same day it comes out. Of course, there are devices like Google Android One phones, which are Google’s collaborations with various brands that will get all the updates for a couple of years. But there are also big names like The Samsung Galaxy S flagship series or the OnePlus flagship series from other brands.

OnePlus and Android 10

Well, without further ado, the good news here is that Android 10 (a.k.a. Android Q) is likely to be launching soon to OnePlus devices along with other Google Pixel phones. OnePlus has been known for providing its users all the updates as fast as it gets. After all, that’s all today’s smartphone market is about – being the fastest to come out with the latest tech and catching the public eye and consumers. And OnePlus always delivers when it comes to pushing latest updates – it has even delivered security updates before even Google does that on its Pixel phones.

Release date of Android 10 from OnePlus7Pro

A recent text screenshot from Reddit that has been doing the rounds on Social media lately suggests that OnePlus is the company other than Google that’s set to get the Android 10 update on its devices so far. While OnePlus may have been quick with security patches and bug fixes earlier, this is certainly big news because it’s always Google that releases the android version first with its Pixel devices. But now that it is highly likely that the same update will release on select OnePlus phones along with Google Pixel phones, the whole scene is changing. In all probability, you could see Android 10 updates on your OnePlus devices by next week when it launches officially on September 3rd.

More info on the update

While it’s almost a confirmed rumour that OnePlus will launch the android update on its phones the day it releases, it remains unknown which OnePlus models will get it. Of course, the top of the priority list would be OnePlus 7 Pro, this year’s flagship release. However, there are also chances that OnePlus will release the update on the regular OnePlus 7 on September 3rd too. Moreover, whether the new update will be a new version of Oxygen OS or will be an Android version update is still unknown. Stay tuned for more updates on OnePlus and Android 10!



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