OnePlus Offers Refund For Their USB Cable

OnePlus offers the Refund for their problematic USB Type-C cable.

Previously, Google’s engineer, Beson Leung found the unusual design will make damage on the other devices with USB Type-C port. He posted it on his Google+ account and warned the users of Chromebook pixel, Nexus 6p, and Nexus 5X not to use The USB type-C from OnePlus.

In his explanation, he said that OnePlus uses the wrong identifier resistor, in which their cable uses the identifier 3A, not a default USB power.

To respond to this issue, OnePlus explains that the cable is only safe to be used on OnePlus 2, which is included in the purchasing package.

“In the meantime, our team has already begun developing improved Type-C cables and adapters with 56kΩ resistors,”

According to OnePlus, the refund only applies for those who bought the cable separately. They provide a special page for this refund process. OnePlus gives a limited time, until end of this year to sign up for the submission refund.


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