OnePlus 8T with 120Hz Refresh Rate as Good as Confirmed

OnePlus 8 Lite

It appears certain now that the OnePlus 8 smartphone to be released by the Chinese brand this year will sport a display that has a refresh rate of 120Hz. Though the company itself had teased about it, the latest confirmation has come through a picture posted online by a person claiming to be an employee at OnePlus. The picture shows the display settings page with multiple options. The device is said to be a sample or test piece.

All Three Models May Not Sport the Feature

With this confirmation coming, the next question people may have is if all the OnePlus 8 models will have this 120Hz refresh rate feature in them. The rumors so far suggest it will be limited to the top-end OnePlus 8 Pro and not the other two, the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Lite. The third budget device with the suffix ‘Lite’ is expected to be an addition this year. It also helps the company take on other brands, like Samsung with their Lite variations of premium phones. There are others who believe the 120Hz refresh rate may appear in the top two models and only the Lite version will be left out. These are all at this stage mere speculation and one will have to wait for the company to make the announcements on the specifications and features of its 2020 edition flagships.

OnePlus 8T

Flexibility to Adjust the Refresh Rate

Another deduction from the photo leaked of the OnePlus 8 is that the refresh rate can be adjusted to two lower levels, 90Hz and 60Hz by the user. The doubt raised by experts after seeing this display mode adjustment on the phone is if there will be a change in the resolution to 1080p. The panel is expected to be capable of offering a 2K display. In the absence of any indication, the positive way to take it will be to assume that the 120Hz refresh rate will continue to allow the user to enjoy at the full 2K resolution.

This leaked picture has also revealed that the display has a punch hole housing the front camera. Does that indicate that OnePlus has moved away from the popup camera unit?

Wait for the answers to unfold as the company gives out the teasers one by one.

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