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OnePlus 7T Partially Fails to Accomplish the ‘Bend Test’

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus is a brand well known for its variety of high-end and affordable smartphones. This time OnePlus is in news for wrong reasons. Famous YouTuber Zack Nelson on his YouTube Channel ‘JerryRigEverything’ came up with some disappointing facts about the OnePlus 7T model. According to the YouTuber, the otherwise commendable phone has issues pertaining to its rather brittle structure.

Tests and Results

The YouTuber who thoroughly reviews and does quality checks on various tech devices, especially smartphones, also did a few tests on the 7T model. A scratch test followed by a flame and bend test was to be performed on the OnePlus 7T to check its structure and build. In the initial two tests, the phone passed with flying colors, it was in the third and final ‘bent test’ that the results turned out sour.

All it took was a little amount of physical pressure for the smartphone to crack down. In the eight-minute-long video, the YouTuber unboxed the model while also describing every accessory. Zack also mentions that he likes the phone for its triple camera and the fact that ‘OnePlus has never failed’ his durability tests. Scratches made through a blade left no major impact on its metallic body, flames through a lighter left some burn marks but the phone still functioned efficiently but one bend was all it took for the back glass to crack visibly.

Possible issues

The crack that was long enough to reach until the triple camera also led Nelson to believe that the large hole could be the contributing factor. The phone, though, still functioned as well as before which gave the conclusion that it is only the rear side of the phone that needs some tweaks and changes. Nelson’s video has already garnered more than one million views and approximately forty-five thousand likes thus far.

The other OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro models with a similar structure could withstand the same amount of pressure; so it is debatable what could have caused the brittleness of the 7T model. While the look of the smartphone is indeed impressive, the focus still lies on durability and efficiency. Talking about the future, the probability of the circular camera design existing in further models still stands a mystery as OnePlus 8 model is already in the process of launch. It won’t be until 2020 that we would come across more details pertaining to the design, build and features of the new smartphone models.

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