OnePlus 7:  Release Date, Prices, Rumors, News and Features

OnePlus 7:  Release Date, Prices, Rumors, News and Features

When the convention of OnePlus 7 is followed, it generally comes to notice that the company announces a couple of flagship devices every year and the T model is usually released in the second half.  The OnePlus 6T was unveiled in October 2018, but the rumors surrounding OnePlus 7 are underway and it seems that the device will be released in the first half of 2019.

Keeping in mind the previous releases of the company, it is difficult to predict an exact date of release and the device may arrive sometime around the middle of May or the middle of June. Even though the company released a trailer before the arrival of OnePlus 6T, we may not expect the same approach from the company before the release of OnePlus 7. We are now into February and there is not much time left if it is to be believed that the actual release date is due in the month of May or June.

Rumors surrounding the design

There has been a round of talks about OnePlus releasing their 5G device during the first half of 2019, but that is certainly not OnePlus 7. Being the successor to OnePlus 6T, there is likely to be just a slight difference in the price. The rumors surrounding the display and the design of this device have not been very strong recently although the concept designer has posted a few renders about his expectations surrounding the design of this device.

According to these renders, the device is likely to have a display from one edge to another with just a small hole on the top of the display for the camera sporting a similarity with Samsung Galaxy S10. Although the concept designer has not revealed much about the rear portion of the device, the usual glass back and wireless charging are likely to stay. The users may also hope the device has proper water resistance capacity and IP rating, the things that we are yet to get from OnePlus devices.

Oneplus 7 Design

Hole Punch and Camera

If the makers of the device decide to follow the route of hole punching, the slide up section may be seen similar to Honor Magic 2 and Oppo Find X. As the parent company of OnePlus and Oppo are the same, there is no reason why we should not believe that some of the features of OnePlus 7 may be similar to Oppo. According to a leaked image, the image of the handset along with OnePlus 6T showed a full display without any hole punch followed by the renders of the concept designer showing no notch or slide up camera.

Specifications of the device

While talking about the specifications of OnePlus 7, the primary thing that may be noted is a lift in the performance of the device with the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The new processor is also likely to boost the performance of the graphics and processing along with the battery life. It cannot be ruled out that the new processor can help the company to take on to the devices of the competitors such as Samsung and LG. However, the company may not take advantage of the 5G capability of the new chip. In the predecessor of this model, we have seen a 6 GB RAM and the 128 GB storage facility but the option of 256 GB storage and 10 GB RAM is also available. However, we could also see an 8 GB RAM at the lower end and 12 GB at the higher end.

Oneplus 7 screen


The storage deserves a special mention as the OnePlus 7 is deemed to be one of those super fast devices of UFS 3.0 variety based on certain sources. Apart from this, we can expect the 6.41-inches AMOLED screen along with the built-in fingerprint sensor although the concept images suggest that the company may pull out the notch that is likely to be opposed by its fans, but it is likely to be compensated by the punch-hole cut for the selfie camera.

Screen resolution

When it comes to the screen resolution of the device, you cannot expect it go higher than full HD+ as it may impact the battery life and the price of the device and Quad HD may not be essential. We can also expect upgrades in the camera of the new device OnePlus 7 as the company may switch to the triple lens camera at the rear portion of the device. However, the same rumor was also heard before the release of OnePlus 6T but what we saw was only a dual lens model. The camera is one of the aspects where the OnePlus models fall behind the rest of the competitors and the users will be happy to get a better and improved version in OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 Display

Wireless charging

For the charging aspect of the device, we may come across wireless charging already introduced in OnePlus 6T although several complaints were later received about the slow speed of charging in this model. Another long-sought feature of OnePlus is the waterproofing of the device. Will OnePlus finally introduce this feature in the new device?


The OnePlus 7 is not going to offer a micro SD as much as the users would prefer as none of the previous models of the company included this feature. With a decent battery capacity in the device, which may be around 3700 mAh just like OnePlus 6T, it may be slightly larger or even better.

Sensor of 48MP

The OnePlus 7 may also feature IMX 586 camera sensor as the arrival of this option has been in the news. If this feature is included, this is going to be the first OnePlus phone to have the 48 MP primary rear area.

Warp Charge 30

With an upgrade over its Dash Charge, OnePlus recently released the Warp Charge 30 technology with the McLaren edition in OnePlus 6T and it is more powerful than the Dash Charge. However, the Warp Charge 30 with faster charging technology and this technology is likely to be included in all the variants of OnePlus 7 including the 5G smartphones.

Final view

After releasing the OnePlus 6T during the last fall, the company is all set to release its new flagship device in 2019 and states that the device is going to accomplish a completely new milestone. The leaks and rumors only reveal certain details but the probability of the elimination of notch and bezel can make OnePlus 7 one of the most wanted devices to look forward to in 2019.

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