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OnePlus 6’s True Colors Are Out There

Since OnePlus is very close to releasing its latest OnePlus 6 phone, a week to be exact, it is about time that we finally get to see the colors that the phone will come in. With a number of leaks and rumors already being spread around about this phone, we are happy to see some of the finishing touches. The photos showing the phone’s three color models were first seen on Weibo.

OnePlus 6’s color models

The photo that came out shows that the phone will come in three main colors: white, black and blue. So far the OnePlus phones came in Slate Gray and Midnight Gray colors so it looks like the blue option will be the one to stand out from the crowd this year.

Additionally, the photos confirmed the fact that the phone will come with the already famous top-notch design that was made popular by iPhone X. On the bright side, there is an included option to hide the top-notch design via software design. The company stated that it has already tested the top-notch display with around one thousand Android apps to make sure that it is compatible.

The phone’s specs

For those that have not followed the leaks and confirmed rumors very closely, we are here to tell you all about the phone’s performance specs. For one, the phone will have a 6 inch OLED display with a very impressive 18:9 display ratio.

From what we have heard so far it looks like the phone will come with dual cameras, a fingerprint sensor and even an LED flash. What is interesting about the fingerprint sensor is that it is rectangular rather than the circular version that we have gotten used to. Last but not least, the phone’s battery is perhaps the most impressive, packing 3,450mAH of power.

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