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OnePlus 6 Waterproof and Dust Resistance Leaks

A teaser put out by the phone manufacturing company that is working on the OnePlus 6 has left us bewildered by hinting at the fact that this phone could be water and dust proof, making it more durable and easier to use in multiple settings in our day to day lives.

More about this teaser

This piece of information came from the OnePlus India Tweeter page, with them posting a tweet that hinted at the fact that OnePlus 6 may come with these two features. They did not mention whether the phone is going to have the IP68 rating like a number of other smartphones do, such as Galaxy S8 and S9 or the IP67 rating iPhone 7 and iPhone X. This remains to be seen.

If this teaser is to be the truth then the OnePlus 6 is going to be the first official smartphone coming from this company to feature these two things. If we remember correctly, the same thing was being speculated about the OnePlus 5T but, as we now know, it did not become a reality.

Since the phone is already rumored to be the most expensive smartphone in the OnePlus series, able to compete with top brand phones like Samsung’s S8 or S9 or even Apple’s iPhone X, having these waterproof and dust resistant features incorporated could set this phone apart.

When will OnePlus 6 be out on the market?

From what we know, this smartphone should become available on the market sometime in the middle of May this year. It will come with the Snapdragon 845 processor chip and with 256GB of internal storage. There will be three color options, black, white and coral blue. When it comes to the camera specs, the phone will come with dual 16MP and 20MP cameras on the back.

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