OnePlus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Best Software and Hardware Comparison

OnePlus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Best Software and Hardware Comparison

If 2018 is the year when you finally decide to upgrade your phone to one of this year’s flagship model, then you may find yourself in a bit of a hassle. There are a lot of new phones that market similar top of the line specs but they come with drastically different prices. One such example is OnePlus 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S9+.

Since S9 came out, there have been articles upon articles that talked about the phone and tested it to see just how well it fared. There is no reason for us to do the same thing. The phone works well, but the problem is that it is quite expensive. On the other side of the spectrum, OnePlus 6 has recently been released, and it comes with similar specs like the S9 and a drastically smaller price tag. The features on both of these phones are almost identical, so we think that it is about time that we talk about the difference between them and which one you should buy. If you are in the market for a new phone, then this is the article for you.

Price tag

The very first thing that we would like to get out of the way is the prices of these two smartphones. OnePlus 6 is 300 dollars less expensive than the S9. The price for OnePlus 6 is set at 529 dollars whereas the S9+ costs 839 dollars. Even if you decide to go for the top end variant of the OnePlus 6, you will only have to pay 629 dollars, which is still 200 dollars cheaper than the base model of the Galaxy S9+.

Naturally, the drastic price tag difference would make almost anyone choose OnePlus 6. However, the fact that Samsung’s brand name holds more weight on the market might make buyers second-guess their decisions which is why we are going to tell you what is different and what is not.

External similarities

Smartphone designers have fallen in line with the new trend of making phones taller and skinnier, and these two smartphones that we are talking about are in no way different. They both have the same type of construction and eerily similar finishes. OnePlus 6 and S9+ are almost entirely identical in their shape, size, and weight. OnePlus 6 has an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a 6.3-inch display which is only moderately bigger than S9+’s 18:5:9 aspect ratio with a 6.2-inch screen display. You won’t even notice the difference when you are using the phone.

External differences

One of the biggest things that can be seen with the naked eye by everyone is the display notch. If you are an Android fan, then you may also be on the fence about this borrowed design feature. OnePlus 6’s notch is in no way bothersome, and most users have said that they did not even have to use the hide the notch feature that comes with Android P. However, it is still there, and if you do not want to see it, then you might gravitate towards the S9+.

Samsung S9+ has an array of small features that few features give a second glance at but which create an overall better device. Amongst them, we can count the IP68 water resistance, a dual wireless charging mode, and dual speakers.

Software Similarities

Under the hood, both phones are almost the same. They both run on the latest Snapdragon 845 processor. They each have 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. IF you want more then each device offers a 128GB or a 256GB of internal storage variant. If you want it all, then OnePlus 6 has an option which comes with 8GB of RAM. Battery wise, Galaxy S9+ is slightly larger, coming at 3500mAh whereas the one that OnePlus 6 has is 3300mAh. However, the difference between the two can hardly be felt, and in some tests, OnePlus 6’s lasted longer.

Software Differences

The only thing that can be said is different (but in no way bothersome) is the quality of the pictures. S9+ has more of an overexposed exposed filter on images which were taken during the daytime, but the effect is not so drastic. We can only see this slight difference if we compare the pictures side by side. Despite this, Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ has better HDR and better colors in many of the pictures that it is taking, which could be al because it has a warmer color profile setting.

Which one to buy

By now you may still be wondering which phone you should buy. Well, if your budget for a new flagship smartphone does not exceed 600 dollars then go ahead and purchase OnePlus 6. It is undoubtedly perfect for its price range, and its simple software would ensure that it will run just fine for an extended period of time. If you have a bigger spending budget, then go for the S9+. Both phones are just as good with only a small number of features that differentiate the two.

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