OnePlus 6 Top Notch Won’t Annoy You Always, You Can Hide It With a Software Update!

OnePlus 6 Top Notch Won’t Annoy You Always, You Can Hide It With a Software Update!

The Apple iPhone X has a top notch but that doesn’t mean even the OnePlus 6 should adopt the same design right? The company’s decision to go with the notch has created a big ruffle among the dedicated community that has been in love with the phone ever since the first OnePlus got launched.

The issue eventually reached the CEO of the company, Pete Lau, who came to the rescue and assured millions of fans worldwide who wanted a seamless smartphone experience. He confirmed that users will not be forced to put up with the design but a software update will allow them to hide the notch by blacking out the entire area providing a traditional smartphone experience.

Heeding to Buyers’ Feedback

In the official forum post, the CEO voiced his opinion on behalf of his development team and confirmed that they seriously considered the option of going with an all-out black area for the top of the display.

The team eventually decided this because they wanted to provide a full-screen experience and the top-notch allows them to realize their dream, at least to a certain extent. When many users raised concerns about Android apps not utilizing the additional screen space, they decided to provide a blackened area on the top notch to give it a more traditional approach.

OnePlus 6 Top Notch

Confirmed Software Update

The team behind OnePlus 6 confirmed that they have taken into consideration that people want the notch to be hidden if they don’t like to see it. When the new phone hits the shelves, it will sport an iPhone X like top notch.

A future software update has been confirmed and it will eventually be rolled out to the smartphone so that you can decide to show or hide the notch as preferred. When the announcement was made, many users vehemently protested against OnePlus and their inability to listen to their buyers’ expectations.

The announcement comes as a welcome change to disprove the allegations made on the company so far. Besides, OnePlus 6 is supposed to be a groundbreaking launch in many ways. The option to have increased screen real estate to see more of apps and games is great. At the same time, those who hate the notch can simply choose to hide it.

Based on what we know so far, the OnePlus 6 will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space on the top end variant. The phone’s launch date is imminent and is expected to be announced in the near future.



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