OnePlus 6 Latest Details – Here Are The Features That You Need to Know About

OnePlus 6 Latest Details – Here Are The Features That You Need to Know About

Year by year people get excited when the release of a much-anticipated phone rolls around. Such is the case with OnePlus 6, a phone that is bound to make the Chinese technology player a worthy competitor on the mobile market with all the features that it has.

Sadly for us, most of the rumors and the leaks that we have heard in the last period about this phone have been sooner or later confirmed by the company, taking most of the fun associated with this guessing game.

Despite this, we would like to recount all the features that have been confirmed, talk about the launch date of the phone and many other details. Read on to find out more, we are certain that at least one of the features that we will be talking about will catch your eye!

Worldwide release dates

Before we go on and tell you about the phone’s specs we must first mention the fact that you should mark May the 16th on your calendars since this is the date when the global launch is going to be happening in London. On the 17th of May, there are already two events scheduled already. One of them is going to take place in India where the company is going to mark its debut and the other one is going to take place in China, where OnePlus is going to launch their phone as well.

Glass is the new black in phone design

Recently we saw through a teaser that the OnePlus 6 was going to have an all-glass back. At first, most people were surprised since this was a major turn towards a new direction. Previously, OnePlus phones had aluminum backs. Later on, this rumor was confirmed by Pete Lau, one of the companies’ CEOs.  Moreover, staying on the same track concerning the design of the phone, Lau also confirmed the fact that it will have the same characteristic curved back design and a horizon line that we have seen in previous phones.

The processor

When people choose a phone they do not only look at the size of the display and at the camera, they also take a close look at the processor of the phone since this one is a good indicator that shows how fast the phone can run.

In the case of OnePlus 6, it will come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, a very good choice, in our opinion. Moreover, when it comes to storage and RAM, the smartphone will have 8GB of RAM and a staggering 256GB of internal storage. This the most that we have ever seen and we expect that the 256GB version will probably be named OnePlus 6 Premium, or something along these lines, to mark the improvement of the storage size.

The enemy of dust and water

Does that sound funny? Well, in a way OnePlus 6 is indeed the enemy since it will be dust and water resistant. Not only this, but the phone is probably going to have an IP67 and IP68 certification. We also heard this some time ago and this, later on, got confirmed as well. Now you see why getting a rumor confirmed takes the fun out of the game? It is always interesting to try and wrap your brain around what the company will do with their latest smartphone.

Top notch phone, top-notch display

If previously we talked more about the general features of the phone, we would now like to say a couple of things about its front display, which will feature the already popular top notch design. The top-notch is going to include the camera and a sensor which is said to help take better Selfies and also allow users to use Face Unlock faster.
The notch will not hinder the user’s experience since it has already been integrated with notifications and tested on around 1,000 Android apps to make sure that everything is working as it should. Since we are still talking about the display we would like to remind you that the phone’s display will be 6.28-inches.

Phone to have Alert Slider

With OnePlus 6 we already know that we will be able to interact with the Alert Slider. The Alert Slider is a button that lets users switch between silent mode, airplane mode or even DND mode way easier. Moreover, we will also get to see gestures be introduced (not a new feature but we could expect to see OnePlus add some new one).

Partner up with Amazon and Marvel

In a very interesting turn of events when it comes to how OnePlus decided to market their phone, it looks like they have decided to partner up with Amazon and Marvel. What do we mean by this? Well, OnePlus will partner up with Amazon in order to launch their OnePlus 6 exclusively on their platform.

This information has already been confirmed since we saw a poster on Amazon India about this. Now, when to comes to Marvel Studios, OnePlus has announced that they will be offering a limited edition of their phone that will be inspired by Marvel Studios’ latest film, namely Avengers: Infinity War.

We cannot wait to see what this limited edition phone will be like, whether the limited edition will only concern the design of the phone or if there will also be small added tweaks that will remind us of the franchise’s blockbuster.



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