OnePlus 6 and 6T Get Open Beta 3 Update with November Security Patch

OnePlus is a proactive company that focuses on rolling out Android updates and security patches without any delay. The OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T phones that are on the Beta channel have received the new Beta 3 update. As part of this rollout, they are providing the security patch for the month of November in order to iron out some of the identified bugs that could cause serious issues.

In terms of value for money, the phones released by OnePlus have always been in demand. Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia release so many phones every year but this particular brand has managed to stay ahead of the competition with limited models and timely software updates. They also ensure that their old phones continue to perform as good as their new counterparts without any software throttling issues as Apple does.

The Android security level patch for November 2019 is now available on OnePlus 6 and 6T phones. Apart from the major update, the developers have ensured they are bringing in a couple of bug fixes, patches and the ability to hide the notch for those who don’t really like it.

OnePlus 6T

Security Updates and Performance Improvements

When the company launched the OnePlus 6, they promoted the ability to hide the notch as one of the most important features. Instead of having an ugly hole near all your videos and browser windows, you can use a black line that will hide the notch forever. While this feature is not entirely new, it went off for a while but is now back in the centerfold giving you easy access to it when needed.

OxygenOS Beta 3 is the new update that is being rolled out for all users but in order to receive it, you should be on Beta 2. Users will be able to download the files only if they have already signed up for the Beta channel and are on the latest Beta version so that the OxygenOS update can be applied on top of it.

As part of the update, the ability to hide notch area on the phones is made available in Settings, Display, and Notch Display. You can choose to hide the notch area using the option provided here. The team has also updated the GMS Package, improved overall stability and added Android security to the latest version 2019.11.

For users who live in India and own a OnePlus 6T or 6 phone, they can sign up to get exclusive offers and value-added features. For everyone else, the update brings in better security and also a way to keep the notch hidden.

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