OnePlus 5 vs. iPhone 7 – Are They Really Similar?

It’s no secret that the Chinese smartphone company OnePlus is quickly becoming a very important power player in the tech game. Their fourth flagship phone, the OnePlus 5 is now officially announced to be launched on June 20, so the wait is almost over. Ever since the first day that the OnePlus 5 has been announced, people have speculated about its similarities to Apple’s current installment in their flagship smartphone line, the iPhone 7. But are the two phones really that similar? Let’s find out.


As far as design goes, both the iPhone 7 and the OnePlus 5 look similar, but there is one key difference: the rear camera. The OnePlus 5 sports a notorious dual camera, while the iPhone 7 has only one lens on the back. The iPhone 7 Plus is the one with the two lenses, though. However, needless to say that, although the design is similar in broad strokes, the iPhone’s materials and overall feel are far more luxurious.


This is where it gets interested. We all know that, when discussing a new smartphone or comparing two devices, there are three key elements to be considered: chipset, RAM and storage. The OnePlus 5 runs on a beautifully crafted octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB of RAM, and the overall power of the processor clocks in at a whopping 2.45GHz. The iPhone 7 on the other hand has an Apple-built A10 Fusion chipset that runs at 2.34GHz capacity and has only 2GB of RAM.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should expect the OnePlus 5 to run four times faster or better than the iPhone, because that’s just not the case. It’s a well-known fact that iPhones generally have relatively small RAM and still manage to be some of the best devices in the game.

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