OnePlus 5 Update – Name Details and Launch Leaks

Soon enough, Samsung Galaxy S8 will lose its status as the only smartphone that runs on the Snapdragon 835 platform. This month we will see the reveal of the HTC U 11 and in June we will get the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. However, not lagging behind we can see the OnePlus 5, which skips the OnePlus 4 as it has been confirmed by the company.

Why Don’t We Have a No. 4?

It’s no longer a secret why the OnePlus company decided to skip number 4 in the order of their products. The key here is the fact that number 4 is seen as being unlucky in many of the cultures found in East Asia, because it has some ties with the word ‘death’. Moreover, the teaser released by the company confirms the fact that they will be using number 5.

Lucky OnePlus 5?

We don’t know yet how lucky it will be, but it seems that it’s quite a good phone. Even though there weren’t critical issues, in the past OnePlus has had problems with shipping devices that had some minor hardware trouble. However, it has also received other criticism.

When it comes to design, it seems that the OnePlus 5 will come together with a design similar to the one used on Google Pixel. As such, the back will feature 2 tones and 2 different materials, sporting a ceramic area at the top. According to the sketch that was released, the device will join the dual camera smartphones, including a dual setup on the front too.

Lastly, it seems that the OnePlus 5 will be released in summer, which means basically anything between June and August. The downside to this is that it will cut down the retail life of the OnePlus 3T. Actually, the company stopped selling the 128 GB OnePlus 3T since it’s out of stock.

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