One UI Update Comes to Galaxy Watch LTE after One Month of Launch

Samsung recently launched an update to its software overlay One UI in May 2019. However, one of the most important products namely the Samsung Galaxy Watch was not issued this update for some reasons only known to Samsung. Finally, Galaxy Watch LTE got this update one month after the original release. One UI is a very important part of Samsung devices and hence this update is highly valuable for all the devices.

What is One UI?

One UI is a software designed by Samsung for its devices to provide better User Interface experience. It was launched in 2018 alongside Samsung’s update to Android 9 Pie. Before One UI, TouchWiz and Samsung Experience were the two software which did the same job as One UI.   The aim of these software overlays is to provide certain features for fine tuning the Samsung software and hardware.

What is Galaxy Watch LTE?

Galaxy watch LTE is a smartwatch model with 4G LTE features which offers calling and high-speed internet connection in your smartwatch. It has a very strong battery life of 4 days and its classy look makes it one of the best smartwatches by Samsung. The software design is also very efficient and user-friendly. It is a very good competitor of Apple Watch 4 and the price is also quite low. But this device was lacking a solid UI experience which is now provided using the latest Samsung One UI update.

Samsung Galaxy Watch One UI Update

What is there in the One UI Update?

Samsung Galaxy Watch One UI update has been launched in two versions and hence its latest update also comes in two different software versions based on your location. These two versions of the latest One UI update are R805USQU1BSE3 and R805FXXU1ESE6. Following are some of the most important features and enhancement provided by this update.

  • The visual graphics has been improved significantly and many new animations and graphics have been added.
  • One of the new features is you will able to wake the watch by just tapping on it. Earlier you had to press the button located in the side of the watch.
  • Your daily activity feature has also been added with this update in which you keep track of your daily physical activities.
  • New notifications for various scenarios have been added alongside the earlier events.
  • Although the battery life of Galaxy Watch LTE is pretty strong, a new feature of battery optimization has also been added to One UI in this update which allows saving battery by stopping some of the features.


Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE was lacking a solid UI backbone from its early launching days. But this update will positively improve your experience with this smartwatch by a significant margin. Samsung issued this update to Galaxy Watch LTE one month later than other devices but it is better to be late than never.

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