One Time Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Fold at $149

Samsung Galaxy Fold is all set to be launched on 27th September. The phone was expected to be released in April, but the release was delayed after some issues were detected with respect to its display. The company has since worked on its display and made some design changes. Samsung Galaxy Fold is a premium segment phone, which will have a foldable screen. This will give the user the advantage of an extra-large screen. Foldable technology is being explored for the first time for touchscreen phones and this is a big step for all the upcoming phones.

Samsung has mentioned that the phone needs to be handled very carefully. Credit cards and/or other magnetic cards should not be brought near the phone as the magnets present inside the phone could get damaged by the cards. The phone is neither dust- nor water-resistant and hence the users will have to be careful and ensure that water droplets do not enter the phone. The company has also asked the users to use the phone lightly with feather-light touches. All these seem to be an overwhelming list of don’ts for a new phone. Well, since the foldable technology is new to the market, there could be some limitations for the same.

The company has added protective caps to the hinges to protect the display. A protective film has also been added to the display to give an added layer of safety to the screen. Samsung is also offering a new scheme for customers who buy this phone. For an added cost of just $149, users will be able to obtain a one-time screen replacement within a period of one year. Customers can avail of this offer if they buy the phone before the end of December 2019. Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched at a price of about $2,000 and will be available in Samsung stores and Best Buy outlets as unlocked versions.

Samsung has not revealed the cost of replacing the screen without the offer. For those who are considering buying this new smartphone, it might do well to buy the one-time screen replacement offer as well. The phone comes with a dynamic AMOLED display with a screen size of 7.3 inches. It will have a triple camera setup for the rear and a dual-camera setup for the front. Samsung Galaxy Fold will also feature a battery backup of 4380mAh with a fast charging facility.

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