The Omate Rise 3G Smart Watch

Omate is known for providing high-quality watches and it always surpasses expectations. The Rise collection for fall 2016 has proved this with unique built in features.  This new collection is an improvement and it is highly competitive when compared to other brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and Pebbles.

It is not only fashionable and comfortable for both men and women but the performance is outstanding. It is designed to endure harsh everyday activities. The physical attributes are appealing to those who like watches with a rugged fashion appearance. It is 1.3 inches in length and it starts with a round circular face that has a 360*360 resolution. Enclose around the face is a durable material known as Polycarbonate Case Carbon Fibre Bezel.  It also has a capacitive touchscreen coated with sapphire and this helps to prevent scratches from your daily routine.

The microphone and speaker are position conveniently below the face so talking and listening are easy and comfortable. The face is supported by 22mm interchangeable bands.It is also labelled as the World’s first water-resistant smartwatch, able to withstand up to 10 meters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.51.44 PM

The Rise watches operates on Android 5.1 Lollipop and OUI 4.1 platform. With this built-in capacity, a wide range of features are possible. These including GPS tracking , track fitness, music, weather updates, the ability to respond to the message, blue tooth, Wi-Fi, and browser. It also accommodate  3G micro-sim card and contains  storage capacity specifically; 4g ROM or 512MB RAM. These watches can view photos and support videos such as MPEG-sp and DivX videos. These watches are also very versatile. They can operate alone or they can be connected to your  Android and IOS phones depending on the users preference. On average usage, the battery can last for two consecutive days.

With all these features the price should be pretty high. A typical smart watch that performs like this usually cost $230 to $270. However the Omate Rise prices range from $199 to $209 and it has the same features and it was built with the same expensive materials. If you are conservative but you like to get value for your hard earned money then you should think about Omate Rise 3g smart watch. Here is a link to the website below.



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