Official Update: HTC U11 Will Support Project Treble

Official Update: HTC U11 Will Support Project Treble

The time is just perfect to be HTC U11 owner as a reliable source has confirmed that the phone will support Google’s Project Treble. For those of you who are not aware of Treble, it’s the program that will allow Google to roll out all future Android updates to the flagship phones.

Google’s open-source Android operating system is a boon for the smartphone industry. While Apple continues to keep their iPhones in a closed environment with direct control over hardware and software, Android is open to everyone. Manufacturers can either choose to upgrade their phones to the newest OS or can simply skip so that they can focus on the latest models.

Users were quite annoyed by this trend because Apple’s iPhones get operating system upgrades for three to four years. Google’s most powerful flagship models will receive Android OS updates for two years which is the maximum they offer. Brands like Samsung, HTC and Motorola would mostly skip rolling out updates within a year as they will be busy focusing on newer devices.

After an endless array of complaints, Google has announced Project Treble. The feature will be rolled out with Android 8.0 Oreo and all supported smartphones will receive latest updates for a couple of years. The smartphones that run on the operating system should support A/B system partitions which makes it easier to roll out new updates. The partition also ensures that your device doesn’t get into boot errors when a new OS is loaded.

The Russian technology enthusiast has tweeted on Twitter that HTC U11 has officially joined the list. Considered as one of the best Android smartphones in recent times, it is a great device in terms of design, user experience and has powerful hardware specifications. It is great news for all U11 owners who love their phone and would want to it use it for another two years without having to upgrade it.

The source also added that an improved model named the HTC U11 Plus is also set for launch in the near future. The AnTuTu benchmarks for the same were posted online which was in Russian. When translated, it was evident that the new U11 Plus offers slightly better performance than the U11. If you like your current phone, you can choose to keep it as it doesn’t warrant an immediate update. Besides, if HTC and other top manufacturers are bringing Project Treble to their flagship model, Android users have little reason to keep upgrading their phone every year.

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