Xiaomi Mi 5X and MIUI 9 Official Preview Available

Xiaomi is certainly one of the most prolific smartphone manufacturers of the last few years. Their phones have stood the test of time thus far, proving to be both affordable and functional. More simply put, Xiaomi smartphones are some of the best on the market if you’re looking for the best price to quality rapport. And now another new and exciting launch will come from Xiaomi in the form of the Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone.

If you’ve been keeping track of news on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5X, then you already know that some telltale images of it leaked a few days ago and the Internet went crazy over them. Why? Well, in case you haven’t seen the images yet, the Xiaomi Mi 5X is a stunning piece of technology. It has a gorgeous design paired with some of the best hardware on the market, which will surely make for one of the most exciting smartphone launches of this year.

Now you’ll say “sure, it looks great, but it’s just a leak; it might not be trustworthy”. While that is certainly a valid point, you’ll be glad to hear that the company officially revealed the smartphone not long after the leak. So what we knew about the Xiaomi Mi 5X so far has just been confirmed, along with news of a launch of MIUI 9, Xiaomi’s very own Android-based UX skin.

MIUI 9 will bring a lot of Android O-like features to the Xiaomi Mi 5X, as well as other eligible devices of the same make. For one, we know that MIUI 9 comes with the split-screen features we’ve seen teased on Android O, which will turn your Xiaomi smartphone into a multifunctional paradise. As for an official date for the launch, the event will occur on the 26th of June in China.

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