Oculus Rift Can Now Be Ordered: How Much It Costs And When It Will Be Delivered

Oculus Rift was the headset for virtual reality which gave the start of the race in 2012 for this type of devices. Meanwhile, Oculus VR produced several prototypes and attracted the attention of Facebook’s CEO too, which last year decided to buy the company and to provide support for the development of an alternative for consumers. Well, this final version of the product can now be pre-ordered, but the price is not a very attractive one.

Oculus VR started the pre-orders process on the 6th of January and in less than 15 minutes, it managed to sell the initial stock which will be delivered at the end of March. This exceeded the company’s expectations, which believed that will be able to achieve this performance after several hours.

With a price of 599 US dollars and 699 euros for Europe, the stocks for April and May were finished; those who make a pre-order now, are going to receive the Oculus Rift headset in June.

The Oculus Rift Package includes the headset for virtual reality, the motion sensor, a remote control for fast control of the VR interfaces and a controller for Xbox One, with a wireless adapter for PCs. Vouchers for Lucky’s Tale and EVE: Valkyrie are being bundled with every Oculus unit, so you can start playing as soon as you receive the device. Of course, this is possible if your PC falls into the recommended minimum technical specifications.

To check if your PC is compatible with the Rift headset, Oculus VR launched an app that verifies the user’s system and explains what needs to be upgraded in case of incompatibilities. This application checks the CPU, video card, motherboard and operating system.


The application can be downloaded from Oculus VR official blog, and the orders can be placed on the company’s website.

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