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NVIDIA Has Launched Quadro M6000, A Professional Graphics Card With 24 GB VRAM

The Quadro graphics cards from NVIDIA have always represented the top solutions for the end users. Last year, the company releasing the Quadro M6000 model with 12 GB of video memory, and now we’re seeing the first “upgrade” of this product, which doubles the amount of available VRAM. However, the hardware differences between the two versions stop here, the only other notable advantages being seen in the software options.

We are talking about the same Quadro M6000 based on the GM200 chip, which comes equipped with 3072 CUDA cores , 192 texturing units, 96 ROP units, and memory bandwidth to 384 bits. CPU’s maximum frequency can reach 1140 MHz, with a consumption of 250 W. The 24 GB GDDR5 memory remained at the same speed of 6.6 Gbps, like the previous model. But the advantage of the new Quadro M6000 is the price, which is $5,000, being the same as what Nvidia asked for the 12GB model a year ago.


The software, however, is his biggest of attraction M6000, whereas the card has received an improved firmware. Users can manually control the CPU and memory frequencies, in order to ensure the desired level of performance and to avoid overheating and throttling associated with it. Of course, these options are dedicated to companies that plan to use several graphics cards in tandem, where operation at a certain standard is very important.

It seems that Nvidia is planning to add even more memory to this architecture, already preparing for a new Quadro M6000 version which will be released towards Q4 of this year, with probably 32 GB GDDR5. Or, perhaps this move will be made after AMD will launch a new model from the Fire GL professional series, the current top model being equipped with “only” 16 GB of memory.

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