NVIDIA Enabled DirectX 12 On GeForce 400 and GeForce 500 Series Graphics Cards

NVIDIA Enabled DirectX 12 On GeForce 400 and GeForce 500 Series Graphics Cards

According to reports, NVIDIA has “silently” enabled the DirectX 12 on Fermi based graphics cards. So, the GeForce 400 and GeForce 500 series, with the latest GeForce 384.76 drivers have now enabled DirectX 12.

If you own a GeForce 400 or 500 series video card, then you probably were quite disappointed in NVIDIA for not bringing the DirectX 12 to them. Well, thank to the latest GeForce drivers, you will be very pleased about your video card as you will see that it finally supports DX 12. The good news is that the DX 12 is supported by GeForce 400 and 500 series, but we also have some bad news, as it seems that the developers still have a lot of work to do in order to optimize it.

The Direct3D 12 works on Fermi GPUs from drivers 384.76 and above, but it seems that they are not optimized. We are not sure if NVIDIA will even waste its time to optimize these “old” video cards with the DX 12, so what you get now is probably not going to change in good anytime soon.

So, let’s see what the 3DMark tests say, but before we do that, we will tell you the specifications of the computer where these tests were made:

  • Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme 6 TB/4;
  • Processor and RAM: i7 2600K and 8GB of RAM;
  • Graphics card: Zotac GTX 580 1.5 GB;
  • SSD: Samsung EVO 512GB;
  • Drivers: GeForce 384.76.

DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12: Performance

After running the Battlefield 1 on DX 11 on the 1080p High preset, the video card has showed some quite good performance and managed to maintain an overall of 38FPS. The lowest FPS that it had was 35FPS while the highest one was 43FPS, which pretty decent for a video card that has been released back in 2011.

Unfortunately, when playing Battlefield 1 on DX 12 on the same computer, the FPS has suffered a lot without even noticing a major improvement in quality. This time, the minimum FPS that the video card has reached was 25 while the maximum was only 34. In other words, the GTX 580 has managed to maintain an average FPS of only 28FPS in Battlefield 1 on DX 12, while on DX 11 it had with 10FPS more.

With that being said, we don’t suggest gamers that are usually playing at very high frame rates to use DX 12 on GTX 400 or GTX 500 series, as they will surely notice the frame rate drop.

3DMark FireStrike (DX 11) vs. 3DMarkTime Spy (DX 12)

While running 3DMark FireStrike benchmark on the GTX 580 DX 11, the video card has managed to score 4806 points. We remind you that a GTX 1070 video card is able to score around 18000 points, just to make an idea of how old this video card is. However, when running 3DMark TimeSpy on DX 12, the GTX 580 with its 1.5GB vRAM has 786 points while a GTX 1070 scores about 6100 points.

However, let’s not forget that we talk about an old video card that has been released back in 2011 (GTX 580) with one that has hit the stores last year (GTX 1070). With that being said, we think that the GTX 580 is still doing well, but NVIDIA will need to work a bit harder on optimizing the DX 12 for these old video cards.

Hopefully, we will have some good news for you in the coming weeks, when NVIDIA will come with some new drivers that will improve the DX 12 performance on GeForce 400 and GeForce 500 video card series.

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