NVidia 1080 Ti Graphic Cards May Be Replaced by RTX

NVidia 1080 Ti Graphic Cards May Be Replaced by RTX

NVidia 1080 Ti: Recently, the gaming world has been shaken by the dazzling news. It looks like NVidia is giving up on the 1080 Ti graphics cards in favour of a more modern and expensive option – RTX cards. A lot of people would disagree with their decision. Let’s find out why!

Gamers love the way 1080 Ti works, so they want to use it for as long as possible or at least until one viable option is released. Since Black Friday is right around the corner, a lot of gaming fans are making plans connected to what they should buy.

Even if the RTX cards should bring modern technology and improved experiences, NVidia’s new ”star” shows signs of malfunctioning chips. Besides, it’s expensive for what it has to offer, so gamers would rather use the 1080 Ti instead of RTX.

Since a lot of people want to get the 1080 version of graphics cards while they still can, the products might not be available for long. If you are one of them, you should hurry up and buy the last pieces of awesome gaming experiences before they’re sold out.

NVidia stopped producing 1080 Ti graphics cards

According to some reports published by Gamers Nexus, it’s getting harder and harder to find 1080 Ti graphics cards. The item can be bought from Amazon and it is considered to be included in the Best Price at Amazon category.

We shouldn’t be surprised that many gamers consider GTX 1080 Ti to be a great graphics card. It has many cool specs which create an awesome gaming experience. This high-end item is made with premium materials and it has top-notch components: a die-cast aluminum body with a 7-phase power supply built with dual FET technology.

The powerful system is cooled by a radial fan which works wonderfully even in the most challenging environment. Its outstanding functionality is possible thanks to an advanced vapour chamber that enhances the item’s performance.

Despite all these qualities, NVidia decided to stop producing the 1080 Ti Pascal GPU. If there are no more GPUs, it means that manufacturers will have to stop producing the 1080 Ti graphics cards as soon as they finish the existent stock. Like we mentioned before, they have a replacer in mind, but the change might be a controversial one.

The replacer might not be so worthy of its good name

The situation we are talking about it’s very common. Most of the times, even the most high-end graphics can disappear once items with better performance and more advanced technology can take their place.

In this case, we are looking at the RTX 2080 Ti, a graphics card which costs over $1,000. Even so, the new appearance keeps failing in a nasty, shameful way and this is not good news for NVidia. Who wants to pay all that money for more advanced graphics cards and still end up with a faulty card?

Developers released RTX 2080 Ti because they wanted to present the card as the best option for playing 4K games. It’s no wonder since the RTX graphics cards use the power of Turing GPU and are built according to an all-new platform.

This means that, while using them, gamers can enjoy 6X performance and games with AI elements. RTX is actually the first graphics cards with ray tracing from the world. The hyper-realistic graphics make every gaming experience as realistic as it can be.

In case you want to know more about design and interior specs, we will mention that RTX 2080 features 13-phase power supply coming from the next generation. Also, it comes with 13-blade system fans made with dual-axial technology and a new vapour chamber. It has all it takes for reaching top performance.

Why is the RTX failing, if it has this amazing capacity?

This is a question which is still waiting for an answer. Developers are hoping to offer gamers a whole new experience with the RTX, but it looks like their plans are ruined by modern technology. Of course, this area is unpredictable and you may never know how the public will react when you give them something new.

On the other hand, if you want to sell a graphics card which is not budget-friendly, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages before proceeding. Also, a respectable manufacturer analyses all the risks before releasing a new product on the market.

Users are a little bit disappointed because, even if RTX 2080 has the amazing capacity of supporting 4K games, the feature cannot be fully applied to all the items from this category. In this case, the high price is not really justified.

Nobody can deny that, in the future, RTX 2080 can become customers’ favorite, especially considering the tendencies from the market. However, if you make an investment, you’d expect to be able to at least check and see how it works. Even if RTX 2080’s functionality is not perfect, its price could grow, starting from January next year.

This is another reason why all eyes are set on Black Friday. It remains to be seen if gamers will empty the remaining stock of 1080 Ti or they will rather buy the new and more advanced graphics cards – RTX 2080. According to recent tendencies, odds are in favor of GTX 1080 Ti, but the figures could change once gamers find out more about RTX 2080’s capacities. Let’s wait and see!



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