Nokia Smartphones to be the First to Feature Android 10 for Snapdragon 636 Processors

Nokia made a successful comeback with its Android smartphones. The manufacturer has become a pioneer in ensuring that its handsets feature the most recent Android updates whenever possible. HMD Global, the manufacturer of the Nokia brand devices, has made the latest version of Android available to only Nokia 8.1 so far. This was the only phone that became eligible for enrolment in the Android 10 developer preview operations. It is very likely that the Nokia 9 PureView will follow suit soon according to HMD’s roadmap that was released earlier.

The First Brand to Offer a Snapdragon 636 and Android 10 Combination

Juho Sarvikas, the CPO of HMD Global made an interesting tweet recently. According to this, Nokia was targeting to be the first brand among several others that use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor to feature the Android 10 update. The tweet also said, “We will be as fast as technically as possible”.

Sarvikas goes on to add that Nokia will plan to make the update available on some other processors as well. Thus, Nokia smartphones will mostly be well ahead and the first to feature the Android 10 operating system among various other brands that use the Snapdragon 636 processor.

What makes this tweet noteworthy is that smartphones with mid-range processors generally do not get recent updates soon. They usually receive them after the flagship devices.

Android 10 Bugs Reported by Nokia Users

Nokia 8.1 users reported a few bugs after their smartphones were updated to the Android 10 operating system.

One major bug was pertaining to the Netflix app. The app did not offer an HDR option after the update. Another issue that owners of this handset pointed out was that Bluetooth accessories did not have audio support with the latest version of the operating system. These were the two biggest concerns faced by the owners of Nokia 8.1 with Android 10.

Some users also mentioned that the Trusted Faces smart lock option was no longer available after the update. However, it turned out that this feature was turned off by Google in Android 10 as it did not prove to be secure.

Changes and New Features in Android 10

Privacy has been given great importance in Android 10. Owners of smartphones with this operating system have the flexibility of deciding when to give an app the right to access their location. The Scoped Storage functionality is another highlight that allows users to have complete control over their files. This concept also stops apps from gaining access to sensitive data. Last but not least, Android 10 poses a restriction on unexpected app launches in the background.

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