Nokia Newest Smartphone Might be Better than iPhone XR

Nokia Newest Smartphone Might be Better than iPhone XR

This Wednesday, on the 12th of September, Apple is going to release the iPhone XR, or so we presume. It will arguably be the lowest high-end smartphone powered by the iOS. This beloved brand looks to capture the hearts and minds of a new generation of users. At the same time, we observe the launch of the Nokia 5.1 handset, coming from HMD Global, which is basically a mid-range smartphone operated by Android. Nokia is another well-known brand that is popular all across the globe. Together, they battle for the new users’ generation.

Apple has already a slice of costumers stuck in its ecosystem and it managed to lock them in through investment in apps, services based on cloud, and even personal circles which often require a commitment to specific software. So, for them at least, the replacement for the iPhone is another iPhone.

Android’s circuit shows more fluidity. It is much easier to change between Android manufacturers and this proposition is granted by a shared ecosystem of data, apps and yet again, cloud services. This is what keeps manufacturers that make Android-powered devices constantly on the edge. They have to stay sharp and force innovation in order to provide value for the money. Apple, on the other hand, can allow itself a more laissez-faire approach which allows the American company to take their time with the hardware upgrade circle. Still, Android manages to keep its fair share of users ‘trapped’ in its grasp.

These are the two extremes from the comparison ring from which new audiences are meant to be attracted by the manufacturers. The options are plenty, we have markets that look forward to bringing fresh users to their respective platforms, markets that stay with the same brand, cherishing the evolution process that they share together and finally, we have the undecided customer which has to put pro’s and con’s on the table and weigh up a lot of decision before picking a certain handset.

That is where the work must be put into before you decide to launch a new handset. Let’s see some details, shall we?

The cost

The Nokia 5.1 comes at approximately £189, so it is not a particularly expensive device. For this amount of money you will get your hands on 16 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM and you can even add a microSD card to further expand the memory (you can even choose models that come with 3 GB and 32 GB). The display comes in the stretched 18:9 ratio and it allows you to benefit from an HD+ experience by having a 2160×1080 pixels resolution.

Raw specs show that Nokia’s 5.1 model is evidently a lower specced device when compared to what Apple has to provide. However, you need to balance them by putting a cost on the table. Let’s take a cost per feature ratio into our decision. You end up realizing that most of our day-to-day usage boils down to social media, instant messaging or web browsing, so in these cases, the iPhone’s power is not really needed.

More advanced mobile applications would have the 5.1 to struggle because it runs with a little spare capacity which is required for running demanding apps. However, those that look for power are already invested in another device, so this article is really for those that look for the best bang per buck. These people have to choose from a mid-range Android model (such as the Nokia 5.1) or they can opt for the iPhone SE released in 2016, which has twice the price of the Nokia 5.1.

Custom building

A user shares a particular bond with his or her device. This includes the operating system and the software as well. Such passion is driven from two different locations. One is Cupertino and the other Mountain View. Recent years had the iOS being cherished for security patches and faster updates, which meant a huge plus for Cupertino.

However, Google busted their buttocks to allow Android to share the same level of flexibility. The new AndroidOne program guarantees OS updates and security patches on a monthly basis for all Nokia 5.1 users.



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