Nokia N1 is like a huge iPhone 6, but with modified Android [HANDS ON]

During MWC 2015, Nokia has presented their first creation after breaking up with Microsoft. Nokia N1 looks exceptional and its main advantage is that it runs Android.

The N1 Nokia Tablet made some a lot of stir after it was announced. Firstly because it is a real Android device (not an Android which looks like Windows Phone) and, secondly, because it looks just like an oversized iPhone 6 Plus, or an iPad mini.

Technobezz was present at MWC 2015 and we are ready to share our first impressions.

Nokia N1 – Simplicity and Elegance

In terms of design, Nokia N1 is a great tablet. It has an 8-inch screen embedded in a casing of aluminum unibody with elegant curving edges.

It’s easy and extremely pleasant to grip, which should not surprise us, given that Nokia was inspired from the best similar devices on the market. The buttons are placed on the corners near the camera, and at the base there are two stereo speakers and a type C USB connector, which can be used regardless of the orientation of the cable.

Nokia N1 is running Android, but has its own launcher, called the Z Launcher, which is available for other devices in Google Play. This interface is designed to simplify the way we use our smartphone or tablet’s home screen, displaying the applications that interest us based on time or location.

For example, if Z Launcher “learns” that in the morning, in the subway, you enter on Instagram, then Instagram app will appear on the home screen every morning. If during your lunch at the office you are watching videos with kittens, then YouTube will appear on the home screen during every lunch hours. It is a very popular launcher, and those from Nokia have done well that they have integrated it in their tablet.

In addition to the software and design, some things need to be said about performance. Under the 7.9 inch screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution (looks amazing) it hides an Intel Atom 2.3 GHz and 2GB RAM. The response rate and the touch are simply astounding.

Another good part about the Nokia N1 tablet is its price: it costs only $250, but unfortunately it is currently available only in China.

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