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Nokia is building this 5G flagship phone with Qualcomm for release in 2020

Word just got out that a Nokia 5G flagship phone is in the works with a Snapdragon 7xx processor. The rumor is all the more confirmed now since Qualcomm just announced this while launching the new Snapdragon 7XX series with 5G support. As of now, at least 12 global smartphone brands including big names like Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Motorola, HMD Global, LG Electronics and Samsung plan to bring the new Snapdragon 7XX chip in their upcoming phones. The integrated Snapdragon 7 series 5G mobile platform was being sampled to customers since the second quarter of this year.

Since the samples of the Snapdragon & 5G series -received a good response from users and reviewers, Qualcomm plans to put the technology to commercial production and distribution soon after the launch. As of now, Qualcomm hasn’t revealed much technical information on the platform, but more information will be available soon by the end of this year. Juho Sarvikas, the CPO of HMD, Nokia’s parent company, has recently confirmed the news that a Nokia flagship phone will be launching in 2020. Moreover, Sarvikas also retweeted an earlier tweet from Qualcomm, which seals the news.

Rumors reveal that the upcoming Nokia flagship smartphone will be priced somewhere in the $500 ballpark. The Snapdragon 7XX processor will be housed on a 7nm platform that will enhance user experience. The phone will also support a next-generation AI Engine, ultra high definition gaming, and quite a few other premium features within the budget cap. Moreover, Juho has teased the fans even more with a new image of the phone that he recently shared on Twitter, which showcases the phone with a bezel-less and notch-less display.

It will be interesting to see what Nokia has in store for us with its upcoming flagship phone. It goes without saying that Nokia’s revival as a leading phone manufacturer depends crucially on this phone since the company has been doing poorly in the last couple of years throughout the globe, with sales dwindling and shares dropping.  It’s being rumored that Nokia has not just one but two 5G phones in the works, one of which will be a flagship model, while another will be a bonus release. As of now, no specifications or features of the second phone are known to anyone, although there have been some “leaks” on the internet, which are 100% fake.

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