Nokia 8 Copper Gold – What We Know So Far?

Nokia used to be one of the biggest players in the mobile phone industry. Who doesn’t fondly remember owning an old mobile phone made by Nokia? This, along with its meme status, is why the Nokia 3310 enjoyed a rather successful re-release decades later. But, to be honest, Nokia was never a name that one associated with smartphones. That is, until recently, when Nokia made a swift and cutting comeback in the game.

Nokia proved yet again that it’s the best player in the mobile phone game by mapping out an entirely new line of releases. We have to give it to them, no other company has every designed a full line of smartphones that ranged from affordable to totally premium, so we’re guessing that Nokia’s future comeback in the smartphone game will be a fierce one. We don’t expect any less, after all.

The company has notoriously tried to tap the cool and edgy phone market before, and their creations have been nothing short of colorful. But unfortunately, that’s all that they had to offer. This is why a lot of people are expecting that the future Nokia 8 will be a color parade to please even the most delicate or flamboyant sensibilities. While we can’t confirm or infirm that just yet, we do know that the Nokia 8 will come in a rather surprising color option.

The option in question is Copper Gold, a very innovative play on the tried and tested Rose Gold shade that become so very coveted among smartphones and tablets. This is all half-confirmed by a leak of the Nokia 8. We say ‘half’ because leaks are just like rumors, thus we take them with a grain of salt. Anyway, this color option is a rather innovative one, so we’d be glad to see it on the Nokia 8.

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