Nokia 8.2 Leaks Hint at 64 MP Quad Camera Smartphone Launching at MWC 2020

There had been rumors recently regarding Nokia releasing its next smartphone – Nokia 8.2 by the end of 2019. However, it seems like we won’t be seeing this upcoming handset in Nokia 8 series till 2020.

Nokia 8.2 is expected to have a rear 64 MP quad camera setup as well as a bezel-less display at the front that is being implemented using a pop-up selfie camera mechanism. The handset is also expected to have 5G support which is expected to be available widely in 2020.

Nokia 8.2 Specifications Leak

Nokia 8.2 will be the successor to the Nokia 8.1, which was quite successful in the market. With the upcoming release, HMD Global wishes to repeat the success by improving upon its predecessor.

Nokia 8.1 Android 9


One of the biggest improvements that is expected to be seen on Nokia 8.2 is the camera setup. Its primary camera will consist of a 64MP sensor based quad camera setup.The images, however, will have a smaller size as pixel binning will be applied to improve image and video quality. The Night Mode output will beenhanced and is expected to give a better performance than the same feature on Nokia 7.2.


The Nokia 8.2 is also expected to come with an improved audio output using an improved version of OZO audio. This provides better spatial sound in smartphones as well as 3D audio recording and playback for a realistic experience on the handset.


When the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7xx series of chipsets were released in September 2019, HMD Global was one of the first manufacturers that confirmed that they will release a Snapdragon 700 series chipset smartphone in 2020. The Nokia 8.2 might be the handset they were referring to.

The new chipset was revealed by Qualcomm to have a 7nm process which will result in better performance and size. The processor also comes with an AI engine along with other premium features at an affordable price point.

Nokia 8.2 Expected Pricing and Launch

According to a Nokia fan blog, a prototype of the upcoming Nokia 8.2 is already out and is being tested by folks at HMD Global. This points to an early 2020 launch date that is expected to be late February.

The company is going to market the Nokia 8.2 as an affordable 5G enabled smartphone and is expected to price it competitively at $500.

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