No Wear OS for Samsung Gear S4?

No Wear OS for Samsung Gear S4?

For some time now people have been raving about the upcoming Samsung Gear S4. This smartwatch marks the newest successor in their wearable devices and, since it is Samsung we are talking about, we are always scrambling to hear about all of the latest news regarding this device. The tech giant has not failed to disappoint us thus far, with devices that consistently offer the best specs for the prices that they come with. However, it looks like our latest hope of seeing Samsung use Wear OS for their newest smartwatch may not become a reality.

More about this rumor

Some time ago we heard a rumor going around that some Samsung employees were seen walking around with smartwatches that ran on Wear OS. Undoubtedly, this shattered the hopes of those who wanted to see Samsung use their OS, Tizen, and fueled the dreams of those who wished to see Google and Samsung start to merge. A partnership between the two, with Samsung using Google’s OS, was likely but right now that rumor looks to have been debunked.

Why do we say this? Well, because those Samsung employees that wore the device on their wrists are not precisely the pristine image of a rumor become a reality. It is being said that Google was the one who shipped these watches with their OS running on them. They were seeded to a number of Samsung employees. This was possibly done for Google to show Samsung how well their OS would integrate with their smartwatch.

So what does this mean for us? In a nutshell, nothing is certain anymore. The original rumor that Samsung employees were wearing devices with Wear OS on them came on May 23, and on that same day IT Service stated that Samsung might have been convinced to partner up with Google and use their Wear OS for the Gear S4. Now, with this latest news, we do not know what to think anymore.

Did Google just pull a publicity stunt on Samsung and we fell prey to the deception? Will Samsung come and use Wear OS or will they decide to stick with Tizen OS? We do not know anything sure about that as of yet. However, what we do know is that the Gear range of wearable devices has continuously gotten better over time and Samsung’s biggest competitor, Apple, looks like it started to take notice of that.

The one way that Samsung could have the upper hand is if they decide to use Wear OS for the full range of apps that are available through Google Play Store. We will have to wait and see what the tech giant will do.

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