Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

One of the biggest successes of last year in the gaming market was the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has a reputation for doing things differently and when they came out with Switch, they once again amazed everyone. Switch lets you enjoy your games both, at home and while you are on the go. It features a 6.2-inch tablet and two Joy-Con controllers which are removable. They can be used to play solo or to be shared by two players. If you have recently purchased the Nintendo Switch or already own one then here are some Nintendo Switch tips and tricks that will let you make the most of your device.

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List of Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

Pair Joy-Cons with Mac, Android Phone, or Computer

Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

This is the best thing about the Switch, you can pair the Joy-Cons with an Android phone, Mac, and computers. You may need the help of a third-party app for the controls to work accurately on Windows. This is possible because Nintendo uses Bluetooth to establish a connection. All you need to do is hold down the sync button located on top of the controllers for a couple of seconds and wait till they are paired. You will see the lights flashing on them while they are in the process of pairing. Once down you will find them in the Bluetooth menu of your phone or PC.

Keep a Track of Game Time

Games are addictive and we usually lose the track of time while playing. However, with this little neat trick, you can check how long you have been immersed gaming. Towards the left-hand side of the Switch home on top, you will see your Mii picture. Click on your picture and go to Profile to see how long you have been playing.

Change your Profile Avatar

Next in the list of Nintendo Switch tips is to change your avatar.

  • Click on your icon on the top left-hand side of the screen and go to Profile.
  • Here go to User Settings
  • Now click on edit Icon – select from the list of Nintendo characters or create a Mii for yourself.

Add Your Friends to Enjoy an Online Game

There is nothing better than having your friends around especially while you are playing a game. Nintendo Switch lets you play online games which support Switch for free. However, you can add friends who have played on Nintendo consoles or have used a ‘Friend Code’ to play. This is a 12 digit unique number which lets you add friends or your friends add you. This unique code is found on Profile Page. Here is how you can add them:

  • Go to Profile Settings
  • Now click on Add Friend
  • There are three ways options you will find
  • Search for Local Users to locate friends on same Wi-Fi network
  • Next, search for Users you Play With to locate friends that have played earlier on same Wi-Fi
  • Search With Friend Code if you have the unique code of the friend.
  • Click on Send Friend Request

Save/Delete Your Credit Card Details

Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

This is another one of the useful Nintendo Switch tips that will save you time. You can now save your credit card details on the Switch eShop. There is a simple step that you need to perform. You just need to check the Save box while entering the credit card details when you are buying a game. Soon you will complete the remaining process to finish the game shopping and your card details will be saved for future use. You can delete the credit card information whenever you want.

  • On the Home Menu, click on Nintendo eShop to launch it
  • Click on the Nintendo Account that has your credit card information that you wish to delete
  • Click on the picture of your icon to reveal your Account Information
  • You will find the – last four digits, name of cardholder and expiry date of the saved card under Credit Card Information
  • Click on Delete and confirm by clicking on Delete pop-up once again.

The Dark Theme is a Must Try

The OS of Nintendo Switch is beautiful and the Basic White Theme which is set by default does look classy. However, you must try the Basic Black Theme which has its own charm.

  • Go to Settings > Themes > Basic Black

Enjoy the new theme.

Create a New Mii

Next in the list of Nintendo Switch tricks is to create a customized Mii for you. Those who don’t want to select a Nintendo character from the list can make a Mii for them.

  • Go to Settings and click on Mii
  • Click on Create/Edit a Mii
  • Now click on Create New Mii and pick Start from Scratch
  • You need to pick a Gender and then pick the features of your Mii from the list. Every feature has a sub-list which offers a choice of skin, eye-brows etc. and their placement too.
  • Pick a Nickname for the Mii you created
  • Next select OK and finally click Done

You can be quite creative with the color of eyebrows or hair – select green or blue or whatever you like.

Parental Controls

Nintendo Switch lets the parents set some boundaries to what their kids are playing or buying from the Nintendo eShop. You need to download the Nintendo Switch Parental Control app for Android or iOS to be able to work around the controls.

  • Go to Settings and then click on Parental Controls
  • Next click on Parental Controls Settings
  • You get two options on the screen that opens – set parental controls by restricting gameplay by age so your kid can play games that have a specific rating or use the app for iPhone or Android.
  • If you are restricting gameplay on the console then you get the option to set the age limits on various features. The restriction levels to select are – teen, child, and the young child or simply customize according to you. For instance, you can restrict communication with other players, restriction on posting screen-grabs of Switch on social media etc.
  • You can also link your Nintendo Account with your kids Nintendo Switch Profile and control what games they are purchasing.

Download Nintendo Switch Parental Control for Android

Download Nintendo Switch Parental Control for iOS

  • Follow the instructions to link your Nintendo Account and Switch and then use the app to set the controls. Some of the controls are – time limitation for gameplay, check the summary of games that your kid has played and restrict Nintendo Switch functions above a specific age rating.

The Parental Controls let you keep a check on your kids and is one of the best Nintendo Switch tips for the parents.

Locate Joy-Cons

You can’t seem to locate the Joy-Cons do you? They are tiny and can be lost in your bag or under the cushions. However, it is quite easy to locate them, they just need to be in range.

  • Go to Controllers > Find Controllers > Click on the Joy-Con that you want to find.

Amiibo Works on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch comes with an NFC reader which is located on the right Joy-Con. Depending on the type of Amiibo you have, you can use it to save game data or use them to get a bonus.

Skip Selecting Your Profile Each Time to Access Game or EShop on Nintendo Switch

This is another useful feature in the list of Nintendo Switch tricks. It is best used by those who are using a Nintendo Switch alone. If you have other siblings or friends sharing the Switch with you then don’t use this feature. Every time to open a new game or visit the eShop you need to select your Profile. This process may be unnecessary for solo owners of this device. Here is what you can do to avoid this step:

  • Go to Settings > Users and Setting > Skip Selection Screen – toggle it OFF.

Share Your Gameplay

If you want to share your screen or your gameplay with your friends on social media then Nintendo Switch has an option for this. Those who want to record their screen need to hold down the Share button located on the left Joy-Con to begin recording. If you just want to share some pictures then use the same button to snap pictures of your screen. To share the video or pictures go to Album from the Main screen and share them on Twitter or Facebook once you have added the captions.

Joy-Con Works as a Wii Remote

Another one in the list of cool Nintendo Switch tips and tricks is to use the Joy-Con as a remote for Wii. There are many motion control games that are available such as the World of Goo which can be downloaded to enjoy this trick. The game asks you to lay the Joy-Con on a flat surface point towards the screen. You will have an on-screen cursor and use it as a Wii remote.

Connect a Headset or USB Keyboard

The Nintendo Switch has 3 USB ports and most USB keyboards work on it. This way you can have menus and enter passwords. However, remember that you cannot use the keyboard controls to play the game over the Nintendo Switch. Also, there are many PS4 headsets which work when plugged into the Nintendo Switch. If you are on the go then you can use a USB-C adapter to plug in a Bluetooth enabled headset or use an audio jack. You also have the option to voice chat as you play your games on an iOS and Android app.

You Don’t Have to be Region Bound

This is another one of the Nintendo Switch tips that will let you play games across different regions. Usually, you will require a Japan-specific console to play Japanese games. Use this trick and you can easily play games from other regions.

  • Go to Settings > System > Region – you have four options Japan, The Americas, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.
  • Remember once you have changed the region agree to the End-User License Agreement and restart the console.

Although most games are available globally, there are some regions that restrict games. Switching the region can let you enjoy any game. For instance, if you change to Europe you get to play some games that fall in that specific regions tile. Similarly, you can have a different user for every region.

Fun Sounds on Unlock Screen

Nintendo Switch required you to press any button three times to unlock it. Most buttons will make the same noise but the right and left control stick and the ZR and ZL trigger make different noises. The noise sounds like a clown’s horn. When you tap on any location on the Switch you get to hear a clicking sound. This sound is pressure sensitive and the harder you press the deeper the sound gets.

Hard Reset if Nintendo Switch Freezes

Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

Although users have hardly faced any problems of a frozen screen while using their Nintendo Switch, there may be times that you may face this problem. In such situations here is what you need to do:

  • As a first solution hold the Power for 4 seconds. You will get the Power Menu option on the screen. Select Restart. This will restart your device and you can use it once again to play your games as usual.
  • If the first solution doesn’t work and the Power Menu doesn’t come up and the console doesn’t react even when you have long pressed the Power button for about 15 seconds and wait till the screen goes OFF. Now you can power it up once again after waiting for a minute or so.

With these nifty Nintendo Switch tips and tricks, you will enjoy playing games on your Nintendo Switch even more.

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