Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi – How to fix it

If your Nintendo Witch won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, you won’t be able to do many things and enjoy many features this console has. First of all, without the internet, you can connect to a multiplayer mode. In addition, you can’t download any files. Some other features also remain out of reach. However, most of the games can be played even without the connection. Let’s see some of the things you can do to fix this.

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Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi – Things to try

Here are several things to try when there are some issues with the Wi-Fi connection:

  • Make sure that Nintendo online is up and working. Sometimes, the issue is not on your side at all. If that’s the case, you will have to wait for the servers to go up again.
  • Can you connect to the internet using other devices? If not, the issue is on your side, and it could be something with your router or your network provider.
  • Restart your console. Whenever you are having some issues, restart your console and try again.
  • Restart your router.
  • Are you close enough to your router? The reason why your console won’t connect to Wi-Fi could be the fact it is too far away from the router. Perhaps you’ll manage to establish a connection when you change your current position.
  • The next step would be to check the firewall settings as the firewall could prevent the console to connect to the network. But, you can place the console into the router’s DMZ, and the steps for that can be found here.

If none of these work, you have two other options. One would be to factory reset your console and see if that will resolve the issues, and another one would be to contact Nintendo as the console might need to be repaired.