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Nintendo Direct Streaming Duration Leaked on Twitter by Tipster, More E3 2019 Predictions

The biggest time for gamers is just around the corner as people gear up for E3 2019, one of the best places to get your fair share of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo updates. For a long time now, Nintendo has skipped attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo in person but chose to live stream their updates to those who are present at the event venue.

This year seems to be quite dull for all the major players as Sony has confirmed that they will not be taking part in E3 2019. The reason, as everyone knows by now, is that they are going to launch the PlayStation 5 console probably at 2020 E3 and this year there don’t have any major updates to talk about. It will be the same collection of Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and other PS4 exclusives that have been making rounds for years now.

Microsoft, on the other hand, might even launch multiple Xbox consoles during the event. It is purely speculation at this point but the company has been making lots of big announcements these days. On the family-friendly side of the gaming market, Nintendo Direct will have a very limited streaming time.

Nintendo E3 2019

According to the information revealed by a tipster who goes by the name PeekyBird, the Nintendo Direct during E3 2019 presentation will last just 45 minutes. That’s quite a short time considering the number of trailers they could show and game developers talking about what new things they are going to introduce to the hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

Big speculation is that some believe Nintendo Switch Pro or a smaller version of the console might make its appearance during the event. It might be a long shot at this point but the company desperately needs a powerful console to handle AAA titles like Wolfenstein and other third party games that are slowly finding their way into Nintendo camp.

Some of the expected titles to be showcased during this event include Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Super Mario Maker 2 and the crowd favorite, Pokemon Sword and Shield. The event begins on June 11th and will be aired live on multiple platforms.

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